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8 Fields Model

No description

jan schilt

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of 8 Fields Model

8-FieldsModel Joseph Kessels
KirkPatrick Problem/Goal Wish-situation Compentences Learning Intervention what is the problem you must solve?

What are the learning objectives? What kind of behavior we like to see?
How do we see our workplace if the problem is solved? Customer satisfaction is going down
Cost for Service Delivery is too high
Employees on Helpdesk are moving to new jobs We see customers that are happy with our service. Incidents are solved within agreed time. And we focus on our customers needs. We understand the customer's business and we know the business priorities
We are manage the costs. We keep track on the expenses.
We work on skilled helpdesk services. We pay attention to our employees What Knowledge, Behavior and Skills do we need to learn? Behavior of Helpdesk is customer focused. 2nd line specialists can train Helpdesk employees how to solve incidents. We know the customer needs and we are able to have good discussions with the customer to learn the requirements.We als know the Business priorities. We have tools and skills to manage our costs. We are able to prioritize the work to meet the customers expectations. How does the Learning Intervention looks like? What exercises, what interventions We will start with an intake session with the Helpdesk and 2nd line team.
We will inventarize the issues and describe the wished situations related to customer focus. What is it and how are we doing.
Then we run a Apollo13 simulation for one day. The trainer will act as if he is our customer. We will discuss customer focus, knowledge sharing et cetera
We inventarize lessons learned and actions to be taken amd make a plan for the 2 weeks after the session... Business Results Functioning Knowledge/Skill tests The Learning Process Measures that shows that the Problem is solved or the Goals are met. We observe that due to the training, the new behaviors are recognized, we see new behavior. During the training we have tested the knowledge and skills. TP are passed the exercises. TP liked the learning process, it was wel organized, good materials, good food et cetera Customer satisfaction is up with 6%
Cost for Service Delivery went down with 10K per month
Employees moving rate is on 7% More and more customers are happy with our service, we ask them about their satisfaction and it's increasing.
We are using the Incident Tool to register our calls. We are using priorities agreed with the customer.
Each week we are reporting the costs, reports gets better and better.
We introduced coaching for our employees, During the Apollo13 simulation we experienced 4 key learning points:
- we need to translate the SLA to our KPI's. To meet customer requirements
- we must register all our incidents support our Incident Manager.
- we discovered that we must take our Incident Manager away from the operations. I must manage the Indidents using the tool.
- we need to escalate much quicker and ask for help.
- we need to transfer 2nd line knowledge to our Service Desk. This makes them skilled, and that's what keep this job nice and attractive. We really liked the intake session. First time we are talking as a whole team.
It's was great to share our thoughts about the situation we want to create in our team.
The Business Simulation Apollo13 was great.
The teachers were ok. Good reflection and very patient. +6% -10K
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