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Road to Success

Economic Development Restructuring

Joe Affsprung

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Road to Success

Road to Success:
Economic Development Restructuring

Proposed Structure
ACS Staff Member
Next Steps

Current Structure
How did we get here?
Recommendation for Strategic Plan
Committee appointed by current stakeholders
Review of various EDO structures by Crystal Morphis
Best practices session with Jerry Howard, President & CEO of the Greenville Area Development Corporation
Two Organizations
Bureaucracy in approval of incentives
Limitations on private fundraising
Budget constraints
Consist of
Public-Private Representatives
Form New Organization
501c(3) Structure
Public: County, Municipalities, Schools

Private: Appointees from Chambers and the business community
Allow for increase in private funding
Another entity eligible for grants
tax deductible contributions
It is important to have a cross section of community representation on the Board to make the connection between the needs of business and industry, as well as those that provide workforce and infrastructure to make them successful.
Allow for increase in private funding
Another entity eligible for grants
Tax deductible contributions
Proposed Structure
Level 2: Private Sector Members
Initial board will be larger and consist of current EDB & DCDC members.

Seven Members

Selected by a nominating committee and approved by the Board of Directors

Two-year terms, with a two-consecutive term limit
Level 3: Ex Officio (Non-Voting) Seats
Education: Two seats reserved for the Chairman or Superintendent of Dorchester District Two and District Four.

Two seats reserved for the CEO's of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Summerville/Dorchester Chamber of Commerce.
Level 1: Public Sector Members
County Council: Two members of Council appointed by County Council for a two-year term, limited to two consecutive terms.
County Administrator
Municipal Seat: One seat for the municipalities of Dorchester County that will be chosen based on geographic areas of the County and rotated annually. Geographic regions are:
Summerville/North Charleston
St. George/Reevesville
Mayors of the region to choose between the two municipalities which
Mayor is seated on the board.
Next Steps
EDB recommends dissolution to County Council
Both groups recommend new structure to County Council
Formulate by-laws for new partnership
Merge the Dorchester County Economic Development Board with the Dorchester County Development Corporation to form an integrated public-private partnership organization
January 14, 2013
DCDC agrees to dissolve and transfer new assets to the new organization
County Council approves formation of the new organization
Set goals & objectives for new board
Conduct fundraising campaign
Checking the Boxes

- Water and sewer to the Winding Woods Commerce Park is
under construction and estimated to be completed in March 2013.
Product Development
- A sewer diversion project for the Ridgeville area is currently in the design and engineering phase to provide service to the Ridgeville Commerce Park.
- Currently working to identify "Priority Investment Areas" within the County for retail and commercial development
- Currently negotiating with a developer to build a speculative
building in the Pine Hill Business Campus
Organizational Development
- Organizational steering committee has met
and developed a recommendation.
Business Retention & Expansion
- Hosting first BRE team meeting this year
- Completed workforce study of existing industry
Business & Education Partnerships
- Developed Work Ethic pilot program to be implemented this semester at Woodland High School and DCCTC
Retail Recruitment & Development
- Hired Community Development Manager to focus on implementation of retail strategy and recruitment
- Developed testimonial videos for the website
- Developed mobile linkages to testimonial videos
- Attended trade shows with Allies in target areas
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