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Good Reading Habits

Before, During and After Reading Strategies ... Make thinking visible!

Jessica Mize-Wilson

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of Good Reading Habits

Good Strategies make Great Readers! Make Connections! Make Predictions Who will this story be about?

Where will the story take place?

What problem will occur?

How will is be solved? Theme or Message What lesson will be learned at the end of the book?

Why did the author write this story? Ask Questions? During
Reading After
Reading Before
Reading Reading Salad ... Your Thinking words from
the story Healthy thinking! Got Questions? How would you feel if...

How come...

What would happen if...

What caused...

Should? Could? Would? Picturing Peacock...Visualize! When I read...I could see...

When I can to the part where...I could smell...

As I saw...I could taste...

Just as...I could feel...

When the author...I could hear... Literary Equations dog + hikau = DOGKU no food + lonely dog = eat dirty socks and trash! Genre? Characters


Problem and Solution Text Structures Any culture connections?
I want to read to find out... Set a Purpose

I wonder... Infer My guess is…
It could be that…
I infer…

Are there critical objects
in this story?

What is the meaning of
this symbol? Symbols? Types of Conflict Character v. Character
Character v. Self
Character V. Nature
Character V. Society Courage
Self Control
I am like (character name) because we both…
I can only imagine how (insert character trait) (character name) felt when…I bet…

This book reminds me of (another book) because…
This (character) reminds me of (another character) because
I read about…in another book!

This reminds me of (a TV show) because…
This reminds me of the real word because…
Spinning Spider And when you finish Reading... Fiction Version
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