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Student teaching presentation

This is a presentation created to share some of my experiences from my time at Highland Senior High School and Pendleton Heights Middle School.

Zach Whickcar

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Student teaching presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea I aspire to help adolescents develop the tools needed to succeed academically and in life, using my knowledge, values, and drive, to provide guidance for tomorrow's leaders. Respect Caring Trustworthiness Citizenship Responsible Contextual Factors Highland Senior High School Pendleton Heights Middle School Enrollment = 1498 Graduation Rate = 63.5% Enrollment = 631 The Classroom Little Technology Available Unwelcoming Standard Rows New Books The Classroom New Books New Technology Creative Decorations Welcoming Classroom Arrangment How did these factors influence my teaching? Action Research Time to write! - Ten Minutes Daily - Resource Tools - Suggestions Results Grammar - Consistent improvement from week one to week five. Fluency - Consistent improvement from week one to week five. Topic Focus - Students showed no improvement. Conclusion Practice really does make perfect! Given the right conditions of course. Comprehensive Unit Senior Economics Highland Senior High School Learning Goals Students will be able to describe how goals and values affect how society answers the key economic questions. Students will be able to recognize, compare, and contrast different types of economies. Students will be able to explain the benefits of a Free Enterprise. Students will be able to describe how the government encourages growth and stability. Students will be able to describe why a society decides to provide a public good or service. Students will be able to outline how a government helps the poor. Class Achievement Daily Instruction -Interactive
-Hands On
-Supportive 67% Improved
25% Showed No Improvement 8% Negative Growth Pre-Assessment Post-Assessment Formative Assessment Self Reflection Similar Lessons
Keeping students engaged
Time with the material Thank You For Your Time!
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