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No description

drew smithson

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of SHAKA ZULU

shaka was born to senzanakona at about age 22, he joined the army of Dingiswayo about 1816 his father died, and Shaka over threw his elder half brother singuakana to become leader of the zulu. fgff dfsggdggd about 1818 Dingiswayo was murderd shaka then incorperated dingiswayo's kingdom into the growing zulu empire. Shaka revolutionized warfare in southern Africa. He perfected a cresent shaped battle formation sometimes called cow's horn, it was made to encircle the enemy. Shaka also introduced a larger, heavier shield made of cowhide. He taught each warrior how to use the shield's left side to hook the the enemy's shield to the right exposing his rib for a fatal spear stab. He toughend his men by discarding there lether sandals, having them train and fight in bare feet. Shaka made a tatical innovation called the buffalo formation. four sections-2 horns, "the chest", and the loins-forms the buffalo durring an attack the chest assaulted the enemy front, while the horns struck the flanks to encircle the opponents. The Zulu nation grew to a population of 250,000 with an army of more than fourty thousand warriors taking over enemy terriotory of 2 million square miles rrfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggttggggggggggggggggggggg in 1827 his mother died and his behavior got worse and it made his army unhappy on september 23, 1828 Shaka's half brothers Dingane and Mhlangana assasanated him. He died at the age of 41 and it was said that he died without dignity. Dingane soon killed his coconspirator and became the single chieftain of the Zulus. shaka was born in 1787 and his mother was in a lower-class clan so Shaka was treated with harsh treatment and the tribe said he was going to have a ruthless future. The word shaka means intestanal parasite or bastard By the time shaka reached adulthood he was already exhibiting ambition, keen inteligence, and a general disregard for human life. young boys joined Shaka's force as a apprentice warriors who seved as carriors of rations and extra weapons until they joined the main rank. He then offerd the joice of dying or joining his force For ten years shaka continued to raid, destroy, and absorb clans and tribes throughout southern africa. shaka zulu Shaka's troops practiced by covering over 50 miles in a fast trot over hot, rocky terrain in a single day so that they could surprize the enemy.
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