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diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel

No description

erik medina

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel

diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel
When they went to take their date back, Rowley took her back. But, Rowley made her feel better. At school the next day, people said that Rowley and the girl were dating. Then, the next day Greg had the chicken poxs. His uncle Gary finally got a winning lottery ticket. So, he paid his dad and got out of their house. Then when everybody is gone, Greg gets inside the bath tub and and gives him self a bubble bath.
In Greg Heffely's childhood, he remembers that it was better being in his moms belly. Sometimes, weird things happens when he's in there. Every time his parents kiss, he kicks so they can stop, but they keep on kissing. His mom would read him stories at night but he wouldn't pay attention. He came out too early.
the beginning
Greg liked it better being in his moms belly. He wished he was still in there. He thought that he was the only child until he meet his big brother Rodrick. Almost everything Greg has is a hand-me-down from Rodrick. His mom made play dates with other babies to play with. All the babies knew how to walk, but Greg was left behind. He couldn't even pick his head up. Then his mom got him an action walker. When he was riding it, he thought everybody felt like chumps. But his mom read a magazine that it wasn't good for kids to have action walkers because they need to develop the right muscles to walk by themselves. So he had to start to try to get up. In his school, kids knew how to unzip their zipper. Greg couldn't even take off his mittens without help. The kids were smart, so Greg tried to slow them down by teaching them the wrong thing.
life as a baby
Greg already had a big brother, so he didn't think he would have a little brother. When his mom was pregnant, she asked if he wanted to say something to him. What he said was " The upstairs bathroom is MINE!". His little brother was scared of other kids. So he trapped him self around an exercising cage from their old dog Sweetie with his toys away from his play friends. His little brother, Manny, likes to watch this cartoon called " The Snurples". They have there own language that seems like babies understand. When his brother speaks it, he gets disappointed when they don't know what he's saying. Manny has some imaginary friends that he thinks are real. When Greg has to go to the bathroom he has to wait for Manny's imaginary friends to get out.
little brother
Every time after church, they go to eat at a place called Corny's. They have a weird rule that's no ties are allowed. So Greg's dad had to get his tie cut off. If you bring a kid, you have to go to a part of the restaurant called children's alley. Its where the kids can do whatever they want. They don't even bother cleaning up the tables there. When Greg sat down, he sat on a PB&J sandwich. Also at children's alley its right beside the bathroom so when they try to eat, you can see the inside of the bathroom. They also have terrible service at Corny's, so they always go to the buffet. But everything is mixed with another thing at the buffet. At their dessert bar, they have ice cream dispensers so you can make your own sundae, but kids don't use them right. At the playground they have this little maze tunnel thing where Manny got lost . So Greg went to get him out, then he got lost too so a worker had to get them out.
At Greg's school, their having a valentines dance. All the girls got excited about it. But the boys aren't really into the idea. Then they made something called candy grams when you put the name of the person you want to go with and send it to them. The boys started buying them like crazy. So Greg was then looking for a date to the dance. He tried a lot of girls but didn't get any, but his friend Rowley then told him that there's a girl in the dance committee meeting that said her date to the dance isn't going to go with her to the dance because he had a family obligation. So Greg asked if she wanted to go to the dance with him. She said no but then he asked Rowley to tell her if they wanted to go as a group. Then she said yes. So then Greg planned the whole thing. So the night of the dance, Greg went to Rowley's house to go to the dance. Then Greg thought that Rowley had the chicken poxs. They did all they could to hide it. After that, they went in Rowley's nice car and went to pick up the girl. But, Rowley still had his baby seat there. Then Rowley had to sit on it. when they picked up the girl, Rowley's dad went to pick up his vacuum. Greg had to sit in the back because there wasn't enough seats. When they arrived to the restaurant, Greg's coat was smeared with stains from the vacuum. So he left it in the car. In the restaurant, men had to wear coats so Greg asked if he could borrow one. It was really stinky and had a lot of sweat. He tried washing but made it worse. So they left the restaurant and went to Corny's instead. Greg wasted all his money on the dinner. But Greg didn't eat anything. At the dance, the theme was midnight in Paris. When they were going to take the picture, Greg didn't think that Rowley was going to be in it. In the gym, he saw that the DJ was his uncle Gary. He was also selling the t-shirts that he got ripped off to Greg's classmates. Then the girl who was with Greg was with her friends. At 7:50, his uncle turned up the music and sounded like it was going to get wild until elders came in the gym. They said that they were scheduled for a meeting in the gym. But, then the girls started telling them they were here for the dance. When it looked like they were about to fight, the lady said that half of the gym would be for elders and the other for the dance. So, they had to turn down the music a lot. But, the girls got their mp3 players and started dancing. When the elders finished, they ate all the snacks. Then the kids just put their fingers in the chocolate fountain. After, Greg's date found her date that said he couldn't go with her with a different girl. Then, Greg's date started crying and her other date ran away. So she went to the bathroom and started crying a lot. Greg was just there alone for a while, and he saw a girl that bit a teacher and one tooth got stuck. He got scared!
uncle Gary
Greg had an uncle that had been living with Greg for a while. He got ripped off by a guy that sold them some t-shirts. Greg had chores that he would get money for doing them. So, his uncle started doing chores too. He always wasted his money on lottery tickets and never gets lucky. But, he gave advice to how to get girls for Greg. Also, he used Greg's dad's money to buy the shirts.
mad pantser
In Greg's school, at gym class the boy's were playing basket ball and then they started pantsing each other. Then their principle got in the gym and started yelling at them. But one kid pantsed the principle. So, they call the kid the mad pantser.
school assemblies
A hypnotist went to Greg's school for their assembley and asked for volunteers. The guy said that they were going to think they were stuck together and wouldn't get free until he said cucumber. It really worked. But, two kids thought he was a fraud. So, a kid did the trick to them and it worked. But he couldn't separate them so they found the guy and asked if he could unattach them. Many assemblies were weird. One guy named Strong Steve went to talk about not taking drugs. Then he ripped a phone book. After, the library had to replace half the reference books because the kids were ripping the books with their bare hands too. Greg really doesn't want this singer called Kristina because he thinks her songs are positive.

valentine dance
toilet paper mayhem
When kids were going to elect for student president, a guy running said that he would get the good type of toilet paper. Everybody was fussing about how bad the toilet paper was. So all of them voted for him and won. But, at the first meeting the student council said that they couldn't afford the good kind of toilet paper. Then one kid found that the teacher's bathroom had expensive toilet paper. The student council said that even if they had expensive kind, they can't afford for all the bathrooms. So all the kids bring their own toilet paper. But, it got a little out of hand. All the kids started throwing toilet paper at lunch. Now, kids can only bring two rolls of toilet paper. So, Greg has a private stall and made it look like there was someone in there. So he puts many cool thing in there. But, he forgot to pick up a shoe and it looked like he had three feet so they figured out about it.
continuing valentine dance
Then, his date finally got out of the bathroom and they went on the dance floor. It was the last song of the night and it was a slow song. His date was actually glad he was with her. Then, Greg thought he saw her with the chicken pox on her chin. So, he started freaking out. But, it was actually make-up on her chin. So, she started crying again.
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