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Two Birds, One Stone: Integrating Literacy Initiatives & Tec

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Steph Gorges

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Two Birds, One Stone: Integrating Literacy Initiatives & Tec

Ancient Civilizations - Comparison Essay -

Our School Culture
Literacy Support Staff (2) - 80/20%
Weekly Lesson Plans - Target, Activator, Literacy Strategy, & GRR
Various Opinions
Two Birds, One Stone: Integrating Literacy & Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

Technology will help hook and engage your students while literacy will help them understand your content better. It's not another big rock... It fills in the gaps.
School Wide:
Steph Gorges
Appleton West HS
APWH Teacher
Tech Integrator

Two Birds, One Stone:
What are your big rocks?
Standard Annotation Symbols
Gradual Release of Responsibility
Industrial Revolution
Close Read & Poll Everywhere

World Religions -
Summarizing -
Video Project

Enlightenment - Mini DBQ - Google Form + Word Cloud


Revolutions - News Story -

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