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No description

Kera Blay

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Characterization

a habitual gesture or way of speaking or behaving
ex. Someone who always chews their nails when they are nervous.
How a person walks.
Body leads
Actors are asked to image where their characters “live” in their body, i.e. head (intellectual/ nerd), chest (romantic), stomach (lazy), pelvis (sensual), ear, knees, shoulders, nose, etc.
How high or low your voice is.
How fast or slow your voice is.
How you pronounce a language, especially one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class.
the rise and fall of the voice in speaking.
Your Turn!
Guess That Celebrity:
Take a post-it and write down a famous person or character that everyone would know
Pick a partner.
Find space in the room.
You will begin a conversation with your partner on an assigned topic.
You will be acting as the character on your partners post it. Your partner must guess who you are.
Once you have both successfully guessed you may have a seat.
Developing and portraying a personality through thought, action, dialogue, costume, and make up.
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