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Stop suicide

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of SUICIDE

Child Suicide
Parents Divorce
Parents don't pay attention to them
Have a disease and are tired of it
Adult Suicide
Stressed out from work or other things
Have made a mistake
Way to end their probelms
Psychological problems
What to do if your thinking of Suicide
Tell someone
join a support group
remind yourself that people care and love you
Teen Suicide
Getting Cyber bullied
Physical Bullying
Parents abusing them
Overwhelmed with things

By: Esmeralda, Sam Monge, Ocean, Marcos
What the Catholic Church says about Suicide..
God can provide that person with an opportunity for repentance. Also the church prays for people who have taken their own lives.
Number of deaths: 30, 622
One suicide happens every 15-17 minutes
Approximately 750,000 suicide attempts
California is #42 for suicides from last year
What is Suicide?
suicide is the deliberate taking of one's own life. It is seriously wrong. It not only contradicts our natural inclination to be alive, but it also breaks the ties that bind the person to family, nation, & human society in general
How it affects someone our age
depressed because the person you love is gone
always think it was their fault that their friend/family member committed suicide
How is it a crime against life?
Life is sacred, a gift from God and you should always cherish it
One of the 10 commandments says: "You shall not kill" and you are technically killing yourself
Two sides to the topic
What we can do to end Suicides
Looking for signs in people
helpless, hopeless, writing a will
listen to that person
offer hope
There is assisted suicide where someone is terminally ill & have the right to ask their physicians to provide them with the wherewithal to end their lives.
Regular suicide where they either hang, overdose, etc..
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