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Madness and Insanity In Taming Of The Shrew (Shrew/ Scold)

Ms. Lowe's Grade 10, English, PC

Aly Amini

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Madness and Insanity In Taming Of The Shrew (Shrew/ Scold)

“Good Lord, what madness rules in
brainsick men/ When for so slight and
frivolous a cause/ Such factious
emulations shall arise!” Henry VI Part 1, William Shakespeare MADNESS AND INSANITY In Elizabethean Enlgand HENRY VI Margaret Of Anjou M. Henry V Catherine Of Valois After Henry's Death M. M. Owen Tudor Edmund Tudor Jasper Tudor Owen Tudor Margaret Beauford M. HENRY TUDOR Elizabeth York M. (Executed) (Rebel) (Died) Arthur HENRY VIII Margaret Mary Catherine D'Aragon (Died) M. M. M. Catherine D'Aragon - Married Henry after becoming Arthur's widow
-Happily Married for 10 years until Anne Boleyn
came into the picture
- Strong, Knowledgeable/ Learned Queen
- Loyal, Gentle, Loving, Devotedly Catholic Anne Boleyn Mary Tudor Elizabeth Tudor The Shrew -Anne kept Henry on his toes for 6 years until he finally married her with the promise that she'll produce heirs for him -She was opinionated, educated and independent and Hot-tempered In order to marry Anne, Henry had to -Anne was sent to the tower and beheaded
after 3 years of marriage on charges
of Adultery and Incest. JANE SEYMOUR The English Rose -Jane was soft-spoken,
gentle, caring, loyal and obedient; all the things
that make a good wife
and woman -Became King's mistress
when Anne was queen
and Jane was her lady-in
-waiting -Died from childbirth Edward VI 3 Other Wives: Anne Of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr Divorced Beheaded Survived "Bloody Mary" "Good Queen Bess" "Sickly Eddy" Henry VI Goes temporarily insane and leaves the crown in the hands of the power hungry, Richard Duke Of York. When Henry recovers and take back the crown,
Richard goes to war, claiming that the king is too ill
to lead. This starts the War of the Roses. A mad civil war
for power. Henry and his wife were
exiled to Scotland where Henry
relapses into madness 32 years Later The War of the Roses finally ends
with Henry Tudor killing the Yorkist
King Richard III in battle and
claiming the crown. Madness In The Origins of The Tudor Dynasty 1452 1485 1453 King Henry VII (7) break off with the Roman Catholic Church, an action that led many to believe that Anne was using witchcraft -King Henry dies in 1547, leaving the throne to 10-year old Edward
-Edward started the Protestant reform, which continued his father's legacy of an anti-catholic religion and began Mary Tudor's madness
-When he dies 20 years later, Edward leaves the throne to his cousin, Jane Grey -Jane was the granddaughter of Mary Tudor (Henry VIII's younger sister) through her mother -Jane is known as the 9-day queen since her rule lasted for 9-days before she was executed by Mary Tudor
-"Bloody Mary's first offical kill" -Mary continued on her mother's devoted Catholic faith and rejoined England to the Holy Roman Church
-Edward's Reign had brought along the 'protestant' faith- a branch of Christianity that protested the catholic church's corruption
-Mary had over 300 priests, and protestant followers burned alive, hung or executed
-Married Spain's Prince Phillip but had a loveless and childless marriage
-Died, leaving the throne to her half-sister Elizabeth I MADNESS OVER RELIGION MADNESS OVER POWER
King Henry VI and
Duke Richard
Henry VIII
Mary Tudor *Shakesphere wrote histories on Henry VI, Henry Tudor and Henry VIII and Richard III James IV of Scotland James V of Scotland M. Marie de Guise Mary Queen Of Scots Henry Stuart James VI of England and
Scotland Charles
Brandon Lady Jane Grey Lady
Catherine Grey Lady
Mary Grey Important Person Lady Frances
Brandon Henry
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