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American influence on Ausralian culture 1950s

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kate trethowan

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of American influence on Ausralian culture 1950s

America's influence
Americanization in Australia in the 1950s, post World War II, shapes how Australia is viewed today. Australia was influenced in cultural aspects such as film, TV, music, leisure and sport. American troops were stationed in Australia during WWII which brought upon different views and new ideas to the country.
America had a strong influence on what typical Australians listened to, strongly based on rock and roll. It was first introduced in a film called Blackboard Jungle in 1955.
A major artist that impacted the music world was Elvis Presley, he was considered a significant cultural icon. His first no.1 hit was "Heartbreak Hotel". Australian teenagers were infatuated with American idols such as Elvis Presley that they copied their hairstyles and fashions.
TV & Film
American TV shows dominated what was shown on Australian television. Romper Room was a children's TV series created in the United States. It ran from 1953 to 1994 and it also was shown in Australia.
Between 1956 and 1963, most content on Australian TV was filmed overseas, with 83% of it being from the United States. During this time period, America had the most advanced film making technology in the world, making it harder for other countries to compete in producing the same quality of film.
Romper Room
The American way of life was projected through popular culture and had a major influence on what Australians did in their free time whether it be a hobby such as sport.
Influenced by America, TV was a major part of life for all age groups in Australia. Dancing also became a major part of Australian life, with American-styled dance halls being established around Australia. Dancing to new music, particularly rock and roll, on a Saturday night became the perfect way to spend your weekend.
Rock & Roll dance
American influence on Australian culture in the 1950s
Americanization is the influence upon another country's culture by the United States. It's the impact and effect the United States has upon another country in aspects such as technology, food and popular culture. This term has been used since 1907.
The End
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