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Dick Cabela

No description

Andrew cassata

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Dick Cabela

Qualities That Dick Cabela Had
He was very good at advertising.
When his products weren't selling locally he advertised his hand tied fishing flies in magazines.
Interesting Facts
Richard was born and raised and died in Nebraska.
Over the course of his career he received many rewards such as the C.J. McElroy award in 2001 and many others.
Personal Background
All his life he was an avid hunter and fisherman
He was a big vocal leader in the second amendments in gun rights.
He lived to age of 77
Risks Taken
When he developed a good costumer base with his fishing equipment he started to put out catalogs and developed into stores all over the U.S.A
As of right now his business rakes in over 3 billion dollars a year

Every year he has been shifting out over 120 million magazines.
Past Business Failures
When he first started to sell fishing flies he could not get them to sell locally.
Dick Cabela
Current Business Venture
Right now they are the worlds largest retailer of hunting and outdoor equipment

How Dick Influenced Society Today
As of right know Cabela's is the largest outfitter of hunting and fishing equipment today.
Future Business Endeavors
As of right know Cabela's has been expanding there stores all over the country.
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