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NOC Leadership Meeting

No description

Charlotte Brugger

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of NOC Leadership Meeting

NOC Leadership Meeting
March 8th, 2016
Leaving Winter
Partly Cloudy (really means sort of sunny!)
Hi 74° Lo 43°

Outfitter's Store: 9a-5p Daily
River's End: 8a-7p Daily
General Store: Thursday - Sunday 10a-5p
GRO: 9a-5p Daily

Rafting officially begins
March 14th!
ZLap is Closed for training this week

“Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It is one thing above all others: the ability to get and keep enough of the right people.” -
Good to Great
by James C. Collins
Thank you!
Dates to Consider
We are hoping to have our second program with Dana Beer on March 31st and April 1st for two, half days.

Restarting the Stand Up meeting (next week?)

Guides School this week has 19 participants!

SOLO Courses
Wilderness EMT Module this week (12 Students)
Wilderness First Aid & Wilderness First Responder (March 12-13th with 30 students)
iCIMS Recruit is live, Onboard will be live this week, on March 10th. All of your new applicants will be coming through there so make sure to log on and familiarize yourself!

All budgets are hoped to be completed in the next week.

Marketing is looking for talented Guides for the Spring Rafting Photo Shoot - nominations?

Staff Housing Committee - volunteers?
Campus Awareness - Projects & Events
The Governors Conference (Visit NC 365) is in Cherokee this weekend. There will be members of the state tourism industry on campus this weekend with the event.

Any other Event's or Specials in the next few weeks?

Campus Rebuild:
- Move buses on River Left?
- Patching the roads and moving gravel?
- Current renovation of slip strips on all stairs.
- Timeline for Landscaping?
- "The board platform at the end of the crosswalk...has held up well and has had the desired effect of people not having to step in a puddle."

Campus Awareness
Team Performance:

Up to 4!
Marketing, Adventure, Outfitter's Store, all opening up and getting into season
How is our team in this room?

Departmental Sales:

3.3 (going up)
Great week for Outfitter's Store, Food & Beverage and Adventure Center
Let's be honest, IT has no sales.
GRO, call volume?

Cabin D is complete! Please thank Scott & his team when you see them.
Continued, unanimous campus improvement needs in all feedback's. Plan for trash? Landscaping? What is that team and how can we lend a hand?

Campus Impression: 2.7 Last week was 3, lets aim for 5!
Still need to talk about the finances

Any thoughts on a better presentation?
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