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I've Got Gloria

Zachary Teh, Alex To, Kenrick Wong, Matthew Lam, Loren Li, Anderson Or

Zack Teh

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of I've Got Gloria

I've Got Gloria Exposition Setting - During Summer
- His own house and telephone booth Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Characters Main characters : Scott, Father Secondary characters : Mrs. Whitman Point of Greatest Tension - The climax is when the teacher and Scott are on the phone - However the teacher knows he doesn’t have her dog. - The unexpected occurs- she is aware of his identity - The unpredictable causes the reader to pity Scott or believe that the events are fair Conflict Outcome - Regretted his reactions of blaming Mrs. Whitman Resulting Events - Scott’s mother told him Mrs. Whitman called to let him know that he’ll be his teacher for summer school. Final Outcome - Battle Between Scott and his Father ends ""I just seem to screw up sometimes."
"I can hardly believe my ears." He was smiling.
" You actually said sometimes you screw up.
That's a new one."(176) “I know you don’t have my dog.”(175) Protagonist - Scott Perkins - Scott father Antagonist Mood - Anger, anguish Conflict - Believes Ms. Whitman fails him deliberately and plans to take vengeance Characters Protagonist Scott Perkins

Ø initial self conflict leads to conflict with Mrs. Whitman

Ø self conflict - unwilling to take responsibility and always looking for excuses (172)

Ø self conflict leads to the blaming of Mrs. Whitman for his failure

Ø his father discusses the situation with him and he realizes his mistakes (feeling of remorse)

Ø character development - irresponsible/careless behaviour ==> mature/more reliable character Minor Character Mrs. Whitman - Math teacher of Scott - teach Scott a lesson that revenge will only make things worse Antagonist Scott's father - cares about Scott which changes his way of thinking - Clever, concerned, attentive Theme - excuses never solve problems Point of View - In Scott’s perspective - Ms. Whitman fails Scott in Math, therefore Scott has to attend summer school and is unable to go to his hiking trip. Why is it good/suitable for the story? - so Scott lies to Ms. Whitman about having her lost dog and puts a random on it to mess with her. - First person enables us to read about inner thoughts and feelings Scott has. - Important because Scott is the main character and he is the one doing things to Ms. Whitman. - This makes it easier to relate to Scott and makes the story more personal. (Personal thoughts and feelings are important elements to the story.) Thank you for listening to our presentation
on " I've Got Gloria" by M. E. Kerr By: Zachary Teh, Alex To, Kenrick Wong, Matthew Lam, Loren Li, Anderson Or By M. E. Kerr Minor character : Mom - Example: When Scott blamed Mrs. Whitman for failing the math test
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