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Tammy Watson

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Reconstruction

The Plans After the Civil War Reconstruction Lincolns Plan Lincolns plan had mainly 4 parts The Rival Plan Johnson's Plan The Radicals Plan History channel reconstruction part one 1.5 hours long history channel reconstruction part 2 1.5 hours long A you-tube power point on reconstruction the 4 plans. 10 minutes long 53 minute movie on reconstruction (skip the writing at beginning) 10% plan - ten percent of the south needed to swear loyalty so that there state could be readmitted to the Union

Amnesty - a Pardon (excused from) to white southerners except confederate leaders for those who swore loyalty to the Union.

The states had to create a new constitution that banned slavery

2nd - African Americans who were educated or joined the union army during the war could vote. Rival Plan- Plan against Lincolns by the republicans

Wade Davis Bill
50% of white males in each southern state needed to swear loyalty to the union
A state constitutional convention could only be held by white males who did not fight against the Union to be able to vote for delegates for congress.
Confederates could not hold public office positions
Had to have a new constitution that included abolishing slavery

Freedmen’s Bureau
an agency that would help former slaves after leaving plantations (slavery) by giving food, clothing, medical help, and an education, transportation and ** Land that had be seized by the union or abandoned to African American Civil Rights Act of 1866 was created to counter the black codes of the southern states. This gave full citizenship to African Americans and the federal government would protect their rights.

14th Amendment was created to back up the civil rights act and put it in the construction so all states had to follow the rule that stated all individuals born in the USA were protected under the constitution LIFE LIBERTY and DUE PROCESS OF LAW. And equal protection under the laws.

1867 First Reconstruction act- creation of new government in the 10 states that had not ratified the 14th amendment soo..
The union divided the states into 5 military districts until a new government was formed
Allowed African Americans to vote
Confederate leaders could not hold political positions

Tenure Act - Congress took away the presidents power to remove people from political office.

Tried to impeach the president due to he used the tenure of office act to try to remove government officials

1868 - 15th amendment and Ulysses S Grant becomes President. Restoration Plan by Johnson

All southern people would be granted Amnesty but high ranking officials and wealthy of the confederacy would have to apply personally to Johnson (the president)

Appointed Governors (northern officials) to the southern states

Only citizens who swore loyalty could vote

Opposed granting freed blacks equal rights or voting rights, instead southern states would decide what to do with freed African Americans

To reenter the union had to denounce succession and abolish slavery by signing the 13th amendment Political Cartoon against the Freedman's Bureau Republicans against Johnson Now Test Yourself Lincolns plan Wade Davis Freedman Bureau 10% Plan Which 4 parts belong to Lincolns plan? Amnesty Educated African Americans or Black Union soldiers can vote Southern states may rejoin the union if 10% of voters swear loyalty to the Union. Black Vote A Pardon to states that swear loyalty to the Union (forgiveness for crimes against the Union) Nope Wrong Plan Nope Wrong again New state Constitutions New Constitutions that must include ending Slavery Rival Plan Black Vote 50% Must Swear Loyalty State Constitutions end slavery Confederates cant hold office State Constitutional Conventions Limits Opposed Black Rights Which 4 parts belong to the Wade Davis Bill in this Plan? 10% Must Swear Loyalty All the people granted Amnesty 50% of the voters must swear loyalty to the Union Southern States new Constitutions must include ending slavery to re-join the Union Confederates who fought against the Union can not hold any government positions Southern states could not allow anyone who fought against the union vote during Constitutional conventions What Things did the Freedman Bureau in the Rival Plan give the freed African Americans? Right to Vote Education Taxes Food Transportation Medicine Land Civil Rights Johnson's Reconstruction Plan What 5 parts belong to Johnson's Plan? Rich Plantation owners must pay $ to re-join the Union All Southerns receive Amnesty except Wealthy/ Confederates All African Americans can vote To rejoin union southern states must sign the 13th Amendment Only citizen who were loyal could vote Opposed voting and rights to African Americans 5 military districts created in the South Signed the 14th Amendment Appointed Governors to the South Jackson hand-picked Governors to the southern states To re-join the union Southern states were forced to sign the 13th Amendment, to end slavery. Only citizens who swore loyalty to the Union could vote. Johnson didn't not feel it was the governments job to give African Americans rights he believe individual states should be in charge of it. Johnson wanted the wealthy and confederates, who where against the Union needed to personally come to him to receive amnesty. The Radical Plan What are the 3 Parts of the Radical Republicans: 1st Reconstruction plan to out do President Johnson? 10th Amendment 13th Amendment 14th Amendment 15th Amendment 3rd Amendment Create 5 military districts in the South Allow African American Men to Vote Confederate leaders can not hold official offices 50% needed to Swear Amnesty Opposed Black Rights Appointed Governors Set up Poll taxes 10 states still had not rejoined the union so Congress had set up 5 military districts in the the 10 states to deal with governmental issues. The Radicals created the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to stop the black codes and then signed into law the 14th Amendment that stated all men born in the United States are protected by the Constitution and then 15th Amendment to give african american men the right to vote The Radical Republicans did not want any person who fought against the Union in any Government position that might jeopardize the Union again. 19th Amendment Which Amendments were created during the Radical Republicans time that helped African Americans? The Right to Vote to African American Men. All men born in the United States are protected under the U.S. Constitution. Ended Slavery What did the Radicals do to try to stop or slow down President Johnson? He was Assassinated Created the Tenure Act Impeach him Nothing he was a Great President Enacted the Wade Davis Bill Created the Freedmen Bill Imposed the 1st Amendment The Radical's started the process to impeach the President
because the president had violated there Tenure Act by removing officials from office and replacing them with people he choose. They did this to keep him from creating any more reconstruction plans. In the end he was not impeached but would not be re-elected. An law created to stop the president from removing and replacing officials in Government without a good reason. S0.... How did you do?? Reconstruction **Within this Unit you will find the following: Notes on the 4 Plans Movies to help you understand Reconstruction after the Civil War. A Practice test to test your knowledge. Practice test is at the end of the Prezi
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