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Lab seminar 10-09-2009

Sihwa dam paper

Monik Pena

on 16 February 2010

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Transcript of Lab seminar 10-09-2009

Matrix No. 1A
Matrix No. 1B
Matrix No. 2 Water resource
management systems Eleonora Ibragimova, Monica Pena
Civil and Environmental Engineering
KAIST Lab Seminar September 11th 2009 OUTLINE Introduction
Current Progress
Future Work Introduction Motivation Approach Current
Progress Future Work Introduction Study of the evolution of Sihwa Dam

Specific Objectives:
Understand the successes and failures of the project
Use the framework of the formal design theories
Provide guidelines for the design of similar systems in the future

Motivation We believe this is being the first attempt of using all the advantages of the theories of axiomatic design in the field of civil and environmental engineering.

As a natural outcome, future designs in this field can include the knowledge obtain in this experiment.

The experience that, as a undergraduate students, we can gain in reseach training. Approach Prior art as a first step
Study of the methods in detail
Analysis of different scenarios
Matrix definition
Analysis of results Current Progress Currently we are writing the paper and finishing the analysis of results Matrices Future Work ICCEE 2009
Write the analysis of Charles river basin
Journal paper Methods Axiomatic Design Theory
User Centered Design
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