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eClub CTU 2011

Introduction to Entrepreneurs Club at CTU, Prague, Czech Republic

Jan Sedivy

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of eClub CTU 2011

Entrepreneurs Club
CTU, Prague Cooperate
and leverage Make your
dreams come true Be your
own boss eClub goals Learn Teams Jury Awards Impact Motivation The eClub has brought together students enthusiastic about new technologies and innovation. Students with strong motivation are working on their own ideas, The eClub teaches students how to develop their ideas and how to turn them to a profitable business. What are the first steps
ask customers what they want
understand the problem
validate the first solution

discussion forum
presentations dry run, with feedback EasyWall - Vojtěch Ciml, Pier Kurth, Tereza Horáková Presentations Consulting www.eclub.cvutmedialab.cz
jsedivy.blogspot.com Vojtěch Ciml, Pier Kurth, Tereza Horáková
Vojtěch Křížek, Martin Župka
Tomáš Gogár, Martin Klekner - video
Carpet Antonín Novák, T. Báča, T. Vítek
Lukáš Hrubý, Jiří Maňas
Vratislav Zima, Martin Falta, David Katolicky
Ondřej Šťastný
Michal Knížek, V. Zima, M. Hanák, M. Falta
Michal Ficek, Jan Kubr, Lukas Kencl Department
of Cybernetics
CTU FEL Jan Sedivy, CVUT FEL - eClub introduction
Radovan Janecek, Systinet case study
Petr Koubsky, Supply isn't demand, project isn't product
Ondrej Bartos, How to build a successful start up.
Lucie Havlíčková, How to do a presentation
Projects presentation - first round
Petr Cizek, How to start a company
Lukáš Konarovský, Jan Korbel, Fakturoid
Antonin Hildebrand, Micropreneurs
Peter Somlo, working in PlugAndPlay
Vaclav Stoupa, Business Model Canvas
Presentations fine-tuning
Final presentation
The winners will be awarded MonItems - Team: Vojtěch Křížek, Martin Župka
CityAdventures - Team: Tomáš Gogár, Martin Klekner
Interactive carpet. Team: Antonín Novák, Tomáš Báča, Tomáš Vítek Three months in Plugandplay TechCenter. Silicon Valley four weeks Innovation and Creativity – Blue Ocean Strategy Summer school hosted by The Copenhagen University College of Engineering Czech Republic 3,887
United States 75
Slovakia 38
Austria 26
United Kingdom 18
Germany 17 Survey eClub Web Site Feb 15 - May 31 Press Future Yes, we will continue
We are looking for new format
We are looking for universities
We are looking for companies

Join US!! Join US!! Join US!! easyWall
Crowd SENSEation Press releases
References in the press
Internet links
Discussion forum In average 40 people per meeting 9 presented projects 14 meetings 16.2.
18.5. List of presentations Competition for the best startup plan
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