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A to Z EBook for "The Miracle Worker"

An EBook describing important words starting from A to Z.

Steve Jobs

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of A to Z EBook for "The Miracle Worker"

A to Z EBook By Matt Dougherty, Alexander Wynn, and Marcus Troy A A is for Annie Sullivan. B B is for Blindness, one of the biggest obstacles in Helen's life. C C is for communication, the one skill that Annie tries so hard to teach to Helen. D D is for Deafness, the other big obstacle that affects Helen's life. E F G H H is for Helen, the main character in "The Miracle Worker". Helen is born a normal child, but within 19 months, after recovering from sickness, she is found to be both deaf and blind, to the great dismay of her parents. K K is for Keller because that is Helen Keller's last name name and the rest of the family. L L is for learn because Helen had to learn uniquely and differently then other normal children. If Helen didn't learn that early in her life, she probably never would have. N is for no solution. When Helen first became deaf and blind, everyone thought there was no solution to fix her. They though it was impossible. M M is for mute. Helen was mute her entire life
up until the age of seven. When she was seven she said her first word, which was water. J James is Helen Keller's brother. He was very close to her and loved her dearly. James dies in the year 1920 because of canine distemper. O O is for obstacles. Helen had many obstacles that she needed to overcome in her life time to be able to communicate with other people. Q Q is for quiet. Helen was quiet for the first 7 years of her life besides noises made (yelling) during tantrums. R R is for resistance. Helen gave Annie a lot of resistance in teaching her by throwing tantrums, hitting her, and not cooperating. P P is for play because this book was written in the form of a play. Y Y is for Yankee School Girl. Keller describes Annie as a Yankee school girl at the beginning of the story. Thank you watching, and enjoy the following video of Annie wrestling with Helen at the dinner table! Z Z is for Zilch. Zilch means nothing. Most people thought that Helen could be taught nothing, until Annie proves them wrong at the end of the story. S S is for smoked glasses. Miss Annie Sullivan wears smoked glasses to protect her eyes from the sun. Her eyes are sensitive, since she had surgery to restore her vision. T T is for table manners. Helen has horendous table manners. Annie has a big food fight with her to get her to finally eat at the table with a fork and spoon. E is for Eyes. Helen Keller had her eyes surgically removed later in life as they had no use. F is for frustration. This is what Helen must have felt for most of her childhood, including the time when Annie was teaching her, because of her disablities. V V is for Viney. Viney is one of the Kellers' negro servants. She appears as a main character in The Miracle Worker. James Keller W W is for William Gibson. William Gibson is the author of Miracle Worker. N G is for Gibson, the author's last name. William Gibson has written 10 critically acclaimed novels in his life. Enjoy!
:D X X is for exhausting. Teaching Helen proves itself exhausting, but Annie's determination and stubborness help her accomplish this seemingly impossible task. The first word Helen recognizes is "doll". 1 I I is for infancy. At birth, Helen was actually a normal child. It was 19 months later after her sickness that the trouble began... Here is Helen's parents discovering for the first time that she cannot see or hear. U is for university. Helen attended the university of Radcliffe as a young adult. This is a phenomenon, because most people at that time who were deaf OR mute were not even able to attend school. U J
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