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6.08 Animals

No description

Megan Rose

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of 6.08 Animals

6.08 Animals
European Eel

Website for Picture: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRqyWROB8rBLBJAn8TI-AkIkqc3miQ8ykemadtNsq27_EPlg6_r
Chinese Salamander
Website For Picture
Red Fox
Link to Picture:
Painted Batagur
6.08 Animals
Website for Picture
Physical Traits
Grows up to 4.5 inches
Lives to 50 years
Flanks are silver and bellies white
The eels are known as "silver eels"
Animal Behaviors:
Has a very hectic and stressed out behavior.
Reproductive Process:
It has a very weird reproductive process,
it is able to procreate and have babies after it has swam a distance of 6,500 km.
Common Ecosystems:
The Sea
Reasons For Endangerment:
Any eel that has been caught at sea is a juvinele that has not had a chance to spawn yet.
Physical Traits
Very large
Big eyes
Feeds on Insects
Animal Behaviors:
Very shy
Very protective of their young
Reproductive Process
The Female lays around 40 0 eggs underwater, the male then watches the eggs til they are hatched for around 60 days.
Common Ecosystems:
The 18 provinces in China, however they are very rare.
Reason for Endangerment:
They are endangered because of habitat loss and overharvesting. In china people used to catch the salamanders and farm them.
Physical Traits
Red Fur
30-42 Inches in length
Black Ears
Reproductive Process:
Red foxes reproduce once in spring.
Common Ecosystems:
Forests, Woodlands, Meadows.
Reasons For Endangerment:
Being overly hunted.
Website for Picture:
Physical Traits:
Flightless Bird
lay the largest egg for their size
Have narrow hollow bones
Animals Behavior:
Reproductive Process
Males begin sexual maturity at 18 months in captivity, females are able to lay eggs in 3 years. The mating season starts in march.
Reason for endangerment:
Habitat modification and other things eating the kiwi were the main reasons for endangerment.
Physical Traits:
Has a Shell
Female is always larger than male
Most endangered river turtles in southeast asia
Animal Behaviors:
Shy, timid, scared of humans.

Reproduction Process:
During the mating season the head turns white and a red stripe appears between it's eyes.
Common Ecosystems:
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. They are commonly found in fresh bodies of water.
Reasons For Endangerment:
They are widely used for pets, used for food, and their habitat is threatened.
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