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Copy of fotolia final

No description

nadia ali

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of fotolia final

Team Synergy Alternative 1 Alternative 4 Alternative 2 Alternative 3 Recommendation Situation Complication Business
Objectives Metrics Risks Implementation
Action Plan Alternatives Patrick Lor and Garth Johnson are president and vice-president of Fotolia North America.

North America has a mature mircrostock industry characterized by a royalty-free business model.

Fotolia serves professional designers, managers, presenters, small business owners, and students. There are 3 major competitors in the microstock industry; Shutterstock, iStock and Fotolia

iStock control up to 65% of the North American market Market penetration is difficult and costly

Advertising is expensive
North American market has a preference for subscriptions Rivals are able to replicate business models

Any first mover advantage is easily eroded

Acquiring competing microstock companies or brands

•Access to product innovations and market share from acquired competitors Phase 1- Data Analytics Infrastructure
1)Straight-forward development

2)Source partners with high web traffic

3)Brand Exposure Timeline 1. To successfully enter as a start-up and grow Fotolia’s operations in the North American market 2. To develop a presence in the North American professional
design market 3. To grow the customer base from 800,000 registered users to 2 million registered users 4. To increase brand recognition and awareness by at least 5. To increase revenue by Risk 1-
Over time Risk 3-
Conflicts with partners Risk 5-
ROI is not achieved Risk 2- Risk 4-
Fotolia does not achieve market share Mitigation- Ensure that there are regular progress reports to the management team. Mitigation:
Ensure new features that provide a competitive
advantage are patented. Mitigation:
Market the applications extensively. API Development & Business Partners Cost: One-off and On-going Mitigation:
Ensure that adequate research is completed of what the current market needs.
Ensure that costs are kept as low as they can. 1.Number of Users 2. Brand Awareness 3. ROI of Features 4. Photos 5. Revenue API Licensing Optimization
Engine 60% churn rate on subscriptions 50% $100 million Measured by:

-Amount of unique visitors to Fotolia
-Number of sign-ups Measured by:

-Surveys Measured by:

-Cost/Profit Analysis Measured by:

-Number of images viewed
-Number of images purchased Measured by:

-Comparison of balance sheets
(quarterly and annually)

•Photo integration into business presentations, custom designed merchandise

•Increased transactions/ subscriptions through third party vendors API Strategy
(Partner/Business/Corporate) Acquisition/Equity
Strategy •Outright ownership: exclusive photos for advertising and business projects
•Increased market share in SME market
through personalised photo
recommendations Licensing and
Optimization Engine •Brand awareness through the growth of PhotoXpress and the free photos available PhotoXpress
-Data-Warehouse and Data-Mart

-Iterative implementation method Phase 2- Replication of Business Model Mitigation:
Ensure contracts meet the requirements evenly between Fotolia and potential partner. Partner- Network of affiliates
Business- Source is credited
Corporate- Design firms Out-right Ownership Filtering and
Recommendations Data Analytics
Exclusive images for Business & Corporate API's
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