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Spongebob Monomyth

Exploring the Monomyth

Edwin Lim

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Spongebob Monomyth

Makes friends along the way.
Meets Hitman hired by Plankton.
Captured by Big Boot Diver.
During this period of the monomyth, new friendships are forged and the biggest complications occur. The two have conquered the road to their destination, but are caught off-guard right after. Their courage is then 'stolen' in one of the trials and they are captured.
Spongebob living his ordinary life with Patrick Star.
Excited for upcoming chance for promotion at the Krusty Krab 2.
Follows the monomyth with the peaceful beginnings of the story, where the protagonists live their ordinary, care-free lives.
They find out they have been captured.
Left to dry out under a light.
They have given up all hope, and the characters feel as if the journey has reached a dead end. This movie does it slightly differently, as they realise they have proved the others wrong and are content with their progress, usually evokes emotion from the audience.
They discover Shell City is actually a gift shop.
The retrieve the crown and escape.
This is usually quite cliche, as a spark of hope magically appears and saves them from the situation, which leads to them accomplishing the objective they had set out for.
Plankton steals Neptune's Crown out of jealousy.
Spongebob does not receive promotion.
This sparks the main action of the plotline, and the rejection of the promotion creates the conflict in the refusal of the call.
Spongebob refuses to assist Mr Krabs with retrieving the crown due to Mr Krabs believing he was not mature.
Again, follows the monomyth with the refusal of the call to adventure, in which the protagonist refuses to begin the adventure., but later succumbs to agreeing.
The duo finally 'man up' as they jump off the cliff to proceed with their treacherous journey, shown through a musical sequence.
The two have been give the courage to reach farther in their quest, which is followed by the trials after.
They use a magic bag of winds, which fails.
Usually the first attempt always works, but the stupidity of Patrick causes the two to be set astray, giving the audience yet another false spark of failure. However, it is fixed with the humour of the SpongeBob creators, who bring in a random celebrity to save the day.
The Hitman returns and they fight on Hasselhoff
After reaching Bikini Bottom, he launches Spongebob and Patrick with his pecs.
There is a final showdown on the trip back, which is quite common in the Monomyth. After the conflict is resolved, they reach another cliche of not getting back in time, but this is again fixed with the humour of the SpongeBob creators through the launching of them with Hasselhoff's pecs.
Crown is returned.
Antagonist is arrested
Promotion given to Spongebob.
Resolves through the pattern of the monomyth through the return of the 'elixir', the antagonist is defeated and peace is restore, through a musical sequence in this movie.
Spongebob is confronted by a gang and meets Princess Mindy, Neptune's daughter, who challenges their maturity.
Following the monomyth, they are challenged by their mentor to give them access to new powers or abilities (in this case their moustaches of becoming a man) to continue their quest. There seems to have more than one mentor, but the less important ones seem harsher to the two.
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