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Tycho Brahe

yeah yeah

Aaron Peters

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Tycho Brahe

By Aaron Peters Born in 1546 in Denmark
Died in 1601 in Germany Lost part of his nose in a fight
(Freaky!) Tycho Brahe
The Freak Astronomer Observed the supernova of 1572 Tycho was convinced that the future
of astronomy hinged on accurate observations Built his observatory near Copenhagen in Denmark Had a midget named Jepp and
a moose which died when it got drunk
and fell down the stairs Built new instruments
held nightly observations
and ran his own printing press Died after a banquet from a urinary infection Bibliography
The Galileo Prodject
Tycho Brahe Phisics website
Wikepedia Encyclopedia/Tycho_Brahe The Same Year Martin Luther died Last Major Astronomer to not use a telescope The End!
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