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Continuous Integration Roadmap

7th Grade History Timeline Project Template

Daryl Hemeon

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Continuous Integration Roadmap

Auto Build-Test-Deploy to Dev
Putting these pieces together should allow us to do an automated daily deployment to DEV and perhaps even ITEST.
Evaluation of Existing Unit Tests
Cruise Control .NET
Build/Sonar/Selenium POC
Source Control and Versioning
Where do we want to be?
Packaging and Auto Deployment
Integration of Selenium
We're doing it
This becomes how we do things
Continuous Build Integration
No Unit Tests are run
No UI Tests are run
Packaging for Deployment w/ Scripts
No Auto Deployment
This is not the current nor future standard for CI server
Build running of Benefits and iServices Common Code running in Jenkins
Sonar Code Analysis will come next
Selenium Tests are being written by BA's
Publish Findings and educate other iServices team on the Validated Learning

Functional / Behavior tests reduce bugs
Done as a part of weekly development in sprints
Training on Selenium IDE
Extraction of tests into C# Code

Functional / Behavior tests reduce bugs
Done as a part of weekly development in sprints
Training on Selenium IDE
Extraction of tests into C# Code
Participate in the evaluation and selection of an auto-deployment tool
Integrate CI Build with Packaging for this Tool
We start moving towards 50% Code Coverage and adding extra levels of quality: Security Scanning
Author : Daryl Hemeon
v2 updates 6/10/2014

Proposed Continuous Integration Roadmap
Mike and Dave's efforts to standardize our source control need to be in place along with a semantic version strategy and build repository for our common code

All Sub-production projects are running with 30-40% Code Coverage
Reporting on each project

Provide the ability to deploy monthly
Deploy several times a day to sub- production
Jenkins > Sonar > MSTEST > NUGET + Octopus > and Selenium
GSI pushed this with IDI and UnumConnect minus Octopus

Introduction of Automated Mobile and Cross Browser Testing

The Current Build in Jenkins - take minutes to run and it took about 2 days to set up - document the build dependencies and collaborate with Dev Tools team
A Year from now this will be a significant milestone.

We prepare to move into the next phase which is setting KPI's and moving the teams towards GREAT quality.
We look at what we have done and we prepare for automating to production
Graham Value Statement
Managers Add Goals to Maps
During Mid-Year SE - help craft goals for employees
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