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AIESEC UNIC newsletter

A newsletter for all the members in the LC

Pernille hvolgaard

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of AIESEC UNIC newsletter

Newsletter Talent Management Outgoing Exchange Incoming Exchange External Relations
& Communication Finance Our Fearless Leader UNIC Summer Activities VP - Pernille VP - Ömer VP - Greg VP - Barbora VP - Flora LCP - Zdenka My name is Greg and I am a student on IT University where I explore Software and Development Technology track.I am also working full time as Web-developer in Copenhagen and study danish.
I am originally from Poland, however for the past few years I am living abroad where I meet new people and look for new opportunities.
In my free time you can find me on gym or doing other sports. I also like to go out on weekends and travel around the Europe.
I ve been a member of ER team in AIESEC UNIC and currently I am VP OGX elect for the term 2011-2012.
I expect from the next year to build up a strong OGX culture in AIESEC UNIC and give my members opportunity to be a team leader of the project. I would like to engage my members in different activities and keep the motivated.From me I expect: to learn how to approach different types of people in the most effective way. My main goal will be to work on communication skills.
I would like to see AIESEC UNIC to keep the growth and learn from other LCs. I see UNIC to work hard and more consistent next year and hopefully get into Top 3 best LCs collecting different awards on Fortius 2012. My name is Zdenka and currently I study at RUC, Social Science. Next year I am writing my Bachelor and I will as well specialize in Global and Business Studies.
Originally I come from Slovakia, small country in Eastern Europe that is very similar to Denmark, we only do not have access to sea. However, we have beautiful mountains where you can spend your summer or winter.

I have been in AIESEC for 1,5 years now and when I joined I became a member of OGX team. So as usual OGX member, I was selling to students, doing info-meetings, SRBs. Last April I decided to run for VPOGX and it has been the best experience so far. Now I am becoming LCP and I am super excited!!! I hope UNIC will put their mark on AIESEC Denmark and we will start doing crazy big things we never thought would even be possible! ;)

I love to run – especially short distances, but recently I am getting used to long ones as well. A funny thing about me is I looove sheep, I don’t know why, maybe they are just so sweet (I have a pyjama with sheep all over). Hello everyone! My name is Flora, I am the new VP Talent Management (TM) elect, starting in July! Few facts about me: I am French, I study social sciences at RUC (just finished my 1st year there) and moved to Denmark last August. I love travelling, challenges, discovering new things...
I joined UNIC in March and integrated ICX. It actually took me quite some time to figure out what AIESEC was really about but going to Fortius really changed everything. I am also OCVP Communication for RELAY 2011! I will then attend the conference being a delegate part of the organisation team.
As VPTM, my focus will be us, UNIC’s members! My team and I have to keep track of the members, organise the recruitment; enhance the sharing of knowledge among our LC; and maintain MOTIVATION! This word is very important to me, as well as PASSION! I strongly believe that this is what it takes in order to do things right and achieve our goals. One last thing: if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions on how to improve UNIC or about your career in the organisation, come to me or one of my team members... =) I’m Barbora and I’ve been elected to be the VP Finance for the next term. I study International Business at CBS. I’m an open-minded and friendly girl, who has her dreams  I hope the next term will be full of creativity, new people aand full of FUN! I would love the Finance team to rock this year and I’ll do my best to achieve that. You’ll be more than welcome to come and ask whatever is interesting for you, talk about your concerns or share your ideas! So are you ready for the next super-awesome AIESEC year?  See you all soon! I’m Omer, from DTU and VP ICX for the next half term. I will be the bipolar VP: as unserious as you can possibly get when the time is right and dead serious when it comes to work.
As you might now, there is a tiny amount of pressure on ICX nowadays in terms of income. Luckily! It only makes things more interesting and is even a better reason why to make the best out of the next half term and make the numbers count, upwards!
Shortly - but not limited to - about my plans for ICX for the next half term, are the following points:
• A systematic ICX team that forms itself by the interests, ideas and goals of the members, where I am a guideline rather than a dictator.
• To involve every team member in all activities
• Strong teamwork with the other teams, both in UNIC and other LC’s.
More to come, brrah! This summer we've set up some cross functional projects which you guys can sign up for. So that you'll still be able to see all your favorite AIESEC'ers ;) We really need your help, so we can prepare as much as possible for the recruitment after summer. We'll like to set up three different groups, which are: Hey AIESEC!
I'm Pernille , I'm 20 years old ancd I'm just danish.
I've been a member of AIESEC since october, where I've been a member of the OGX-team. I'm now very excited about facing new challenges in ER & Comm, and as a VP!
I've a vision for this year that ER & Comm will manage to brand the name of AIESEC UNIC in Copenhagen and improve our relationships with all our stakeholdes. This might sound quite simple, but in reality it will including a lot of different projects. So this year there will be plenty of opportunities to be a project manager in the ER and Comm team;) To be continued...
In my free time from AIESEC, I'm studying International Basic Studies in Social Science at Roskilde University (1. year).
My interests are travelling, sports, roll-calls and Chocolate. If I'm ever cranky, just feed me chocolate ;)
Have a great summer guys! I can't wait to see you again and begin our amazing new AIESEC-year together! Promtion material - creating new flyers and posters. The VP ER (Pernille) really needs some creative people and some people with good computer skills to make this happen. So if you're one of those, sign up! So we can make some kick-ass promotion material for our recriutment! Articles - writing articles suitable for each university and the target students. This is stuff you can do, at home. It is a great oppportunity to develop your writing skills. It might even be possible to have your final articles reviewed by a professional journalist. So this can be a really good learning experience for you! Promo video UNIC - We already have some really good videos. But the way we see it, you can never have too many of those, and what better time to create a new video than Summer! So join us guys, for what may be the funniest project of the year ;) If any of this sounds interesting to you, sign up and help UNIC to have the best pn ossible start of the new term!
Here's the doodle;
When you've signed up, you'll be contacted by VP ER Pernille, and she'll give you more details. Also if you have any questions, please feel free to contact her.
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