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Dr. Seuss

No description


on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss
Lets Explore!
Dr. Seuss had an imagination that was far reaching and wide spread. His inspiration can be seen in places like the old NY PM daily newspaper where his progressive cartoons took aim at the political propaganda eating at America during WWII; Men like Hitler and Mussolini were the main characters in his newspaper art and it was here that Seuss really began impacting Americans in their own homes as they ate their morning meals (Dreier, Peter 2011).
This short clip was from one of Dr. Seuss's stories the Sneetches. In this clip it shows a mother Sneetch teaching her child to segregate the "Plain Bellied" Sneetch because star bellies are better.
How is he Genius??
Theodor Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss personifies genius through his contributions to the literary world in both a political and inspirational sense. Seuss is marked by the form of highest human achievement through his timeless stories that have sparked in both children and adults the desire to learn and challenge life.
Inspirational being his literary work is used to teach children of all ages not only life values, but to learn in ways they could not before they are being inspired by Seuss (Thomas, Raisor,Goebel 2013) .
Withstanding the test of time as his writings are still being utilized and observed by the world he is gone but his works hold steady .
Influential because his unique and fresh sense of writing has to the literary community become a beacon for new writers where the now honored Theordor Seuss Geisel award is given to children's writers that show outstanding creativity and talent (Ward, C. 2005).
Digging Deeper
Dr. Seuss's stories open up for children doors that were once closed. Teachers around the country celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday to help keep kids aware that reading is important and fun (Thomas, Raisor, Goebel 2013). His work is a form of Highest Human Achievement because what he created gives children tools they can utilize for success and to further their own imaginations. Dr. Seuss left behind a legacy that inspires.
Whats the need for his Genius?
Genius is only considered "Genius" when there is a need or desire for it...
So what is the need...?
Teachers are learning that children who have trouble reading, poor social skills, problems with patience and other issues will often times respond to Dr. Seuss books (Thomas, Raisor, Goebel 2013)
The Theodor Seuss Geisel Award is one that allows aspiring authors to work towards their desire to create unique & fresh material as to follow in the colossal footsteps of Dr. Seuss (Ward, Caroline 2005).
That's A Wrap!
Dr. Seuss conveys originality, inspiration, & timelessness through his writings. His genius is portrayed through societies need for his work; writers in the same field aspire to be as creative and unique. Revered by the literary world Dr. Seuss has set a standard for children's writing that is now a bar used to judge other authors. People see the
world of Dr. Seuss as being able to teach the unteachable, as well as taking a stand for the good of society as a whole. Dr. Seuss was a man of great intention and an even greater servant to his work. I hope this has informed and enlightened you and that you are able to see Dr. Seuss as he deserves to be seen, a Genius.
This example was just a small show of what kind of issues Dr. Seuss was driven to write about. His stories are many and all of them have some moral to share with the world. His works were written to help make the world a better place and his genius is what portrays this where others fail.
Seuss not only wrote for the PM he also wrote for his college newspaper, several publishing companies, and made his way in between writing for the U.S Government in an effort to support war efforts and to help make America aware of the issues with Hitlers campaign against Jews.
Dreier, Peter. "Dr. Seuss's Progressive Politics." Tikkun 26.4 (2011): 28-47. Academic Search Premier. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.
Thomas, Jeff A., Jill M. Raisor, and Vella Goebel. "Oh, What Dr. Seuss Can Induce: Using Intentionality To Connect Families With Classrooms Through Science And Children's Literature." Science Activities 50.1 (2013): 31-40. Academic Search Premier. Web. 19 Oct. 2013.
Ward, Caroline. "Best Of Beginning Readers: ALSC Launches The Theodor Seuss Geisel Award." Children & Libraries: The Journal Of The Association For Library Service To Children 3.2 (2005): 41-61. Academic Search Premier. Web. 20 Oct. 2013.
Early Moments. “The Life and Times of Dr. Seuss”. 2013 Sandvik Publishing. Web. 20 October, 2013.
Earlymoments.com states, "No American writer has had as great an impact on children's literature as
Dr. Seuss."
Connect the Dots
His work is still driving an impact on society today
Often times children that utilize his writings become better students/people
His stories are timeless and original
Dr. Seuss has yet to be duplicated he is one of a kind
He is revered and many children's writers aspire to be as great
These=Genius=Dr. Seuss
Both points =
Valued by the learning community & By the literary community because of his ingenius stories
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