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Inner Ear: Digital Media Production and Promotion


David Craik

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Inner Ear: Digital Media Production and Promotion

Strong foundation PRODUCTION PROMOTION WHERE? WHO? WHAT? WHY? Branded content takes many forms, from Facebook fan pages to consumer magazines to commissioned TV series.

Our focus is on candid digital content that's ripe for sharing, such as:

Branded radio
Live events – streamed or recorded
Web video

and more... Changing media consumption and personal filters (eg Sky+ and 4OD) are reducing the effectiveness of traditional 'interruption' communications, particularly among young people

Consumers choose what they want to see / read / hear. To be part of that brands must entertain or inform

If we like it enough we'll share it. Social media is super-charged word of mouth

The right branded content can do more to position a brand and communicate its values than the 30” spot ever could

Changing legislation in alcohol advertising will restrict broadcast communications but open up opportunities for social media marketing What we offer:
Inner Ear Radio Magnetic Iakers
Digital media production and promotion company
Content creators for brands, businesses and broadcasters, working with advertising, media, marketing and PR agencies
Pioneers of the use of podcasting in marketing and communications in Scotland
Clients include Channel 4, InBev (Tennents and Brahma), Diageo (Bulleit and Smirnoff) Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Government, Burness LLP, Society for Computers and Law and Glasgow City Council

Idea generation
Content creation
Audio/video production
Access to talent and taste makers
Streaming media, podcasting and social media interaction CASE STUDIES:
Trocabrahma podcasts and online community for Brahma Beer
Bulleit Sessions podcasts for Bulleit Bourbon
Tune Up podcasts for Scottish Arts Council
Glasgow Music Now for Scottish Enterprise
Established March 2001
UK's longest running internet radio station
Attracts 60,000 listeners per month
85% UK audience
55% male/45% female
Publisher broadcaster model
Host and promote branded content
Brands choosing Radio Magnetic include BT, Brahma, Tennents, Smirnoff, Canon, M-Audio and Line 6
Regular contributors include Optimo, Mogwai, Jim Gellalty, Stuart Cosgrove, Mixmag, Fabric London, Sub Club, !K7, Soma and Compost Records SOCIAL MEDIA:
Content for Facebook fan pages
Use platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Mixcloud
Tweet content and encourage sharing through Twitter

Provide RSS streams for series
Tier one content partner for Windows Media Guide
Promote shows to Windows Media, iTunes, social network groups, blogs and online publications

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