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Future missions planned for space travel

No description

Maximiliano Patino

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Future missions planned for space travel

Future space vehicles
Future mission to the sun and moon
On January 2017 the ESA’s new solar orbiter, SOLO, will launch to the Sun.
Future mission to bring samples from space and visiting a asteroid
Russia’s next lunar lander, Luna-Grunt 2, will return samples to Earth.
Future missions planned for space travel
Future space travel to mars
In 2016 NASA’s next Mars lander, Insight, will launch to the Red Planet to study beneath the surface using a drill.

On December 2017 the First flight of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, taking the Orion spacecraft on an unmanned flight around the Moon.
NASA’s Orion spacecraft will fly with a crew for the first time, possibly taking astronauts to visit an asteroid.
by:edwin garcia and maximiliano patino
thanks for watching
today we will be talking about future space missions that will be taking place to 2016 to 2021.
future of human space exploration
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