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Coaching to Excellence!

No description

Bianka Hauser

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Coaching to Excellence!

Practice the technique of rounds

Coach Gaines on Being Perfect

Coaching to Excellence!

Real Play: Practicing in trios



What is coaching?
What is mentoring?
What is team coach?
What is skills trainer?


What is coaching?

“Through coaching and mentoring we can be a more attractive employer for current and future team members. Coaching and mentoring will help us to increase:
Open communication
Feeling of being valued as a team member
Which leads to reduced turnover, better hotel and departmental results, and a suitable way of collaborating with Generation Y &Z.  So Coaching is an excellent tool for managers to have in addition to a range of management styles.
In your role of GM’s you have an excellent opportunity to coach your team and lead the way of embedding our coaching culture.”

Do you see a relationship between coaching and our OeX values?

Connection to OeX

Coaching Techniques

What is the relationship between Coach & Coachee all about?

Learning from mistakes
Developing people
Giving exceptional value
Developing exceptional expertise
Having a thinking environment

What is coaching culture?

How coaching works?
Inspiration to become a coach

Statements of Jean

Play it forward!

“Reaching Beyond Your Potential”

Western & Southern Team Members, HOD's and Jean VP Operations
Coaching & The Purpose 08:00-9:40
Thinking Environment & Trust Building 09:40-10:15
Coffee Break 10:15-10:30
Activity & Coaching Techniques 10:30-12:10
Lunch 12:10-13:00
Real Play 13:00-14:30
Team Coaching Session 14:30- 15:00
Next Steps 15:00-15:30
Closing the Session 15:30-15:45
Agenda Afternoon
Coaching Techniques 11:30- 12:10
Lunch 12:10-13:00
Real Play 13:00-14:30
Team Coach Practice Session 14:30-15:00
Next Steps 15:00-15:30
Wrap Up 15:30-15:45
What is the single most important thing you have learned on this training? Why?
GROW Model
Creating a Thinking Environment

“Getting the best from people means getting
their best thinking”.

10 components of thinking environment
1. Give uninterrupted attention
2. Courage to trust coachee’s intelligence
3. Solutions come from coachee
4. Be aware and avoid limiting assumptions
5. Become more comfortable with silence

Let's hear from our colleagues

Trust Building
Question Technique Examples
Three participants
Participant 1: Coach
Participant 2: Coachee
Participant 3: Observer
Popcorn coaching
Reverse coaching
Peer coaching
Plural coaches
Opportunities to implement one to one coaching
1. What are the benefits of coaching for OeX?
2. How can you use coaching to further embed OeX in your hotel?
3. How can you use coaching to further embed OeX in your department?
How Do We Create a Coaching Culture?
Environment to Learn & develop
People empowerment
Everyone welcome to contribute
More Listening & Questioning
Let people find solutions themselves
How To Build Relationship/Trust/Equality?
Arrow of Potential
What will be your challenge to coach & how will you overcome it?
Your action plan: how will you use coaching to sustain a bottom-up approach to your department?
What will be your next step?
Leading questions
Multiple-choice questions
Complex multiple questions
Questions that will elicit
a defensive response
Questions you obviously know
the answer to

Open questions
Explorative questions
Probing questions
Feedback questions
Reflective questions
Hypothetical/future questions
Challenging questions
Laser questions

T technique
Thank you for your attention!
Find Common Ground
Match to identity
Eye contact
Find their interests
Expand the conversation
Focus on details
Situational Coaching
Support an individual assuming new job duties (transition)
Develop skills
Correct behavioral issues
Address performance problems
Prepare individuals for career development
What is in it for me?
For the Coach
For the Coachee
Career Coaching
Team Coaching Practice session
Select any of the six OeX tools presented in the webinars
Discuss with a group how you can use team coaching to implement the selected tool
Virtual circle coach-teach-coach
Create trust, active listening & make time
Coach does not play with the ball
Be generous to share know-how
No boss/subordinate
Direct link to OeX
Helps to deliver optimal performance
Increases engagement
Levels of Listening
Team Coaching

A learning intervention designed to increase collective capability and performance of a team through application of the coaching principles of assisted reflection, analysis and motivation for change.
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