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Sarah hancock

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Ireland

Map of Ireland
Ireland's Flag
Ireland is also known as "Emerald Isle", because of its green scenery.
Mary Robinson was the first woman president, she was elected in 1990.
St. Patrick's Day
This holiday was named after St. Patrick,
Was a patron saint.
He introduced the idea of the three leafed clover to represent the holy trinity
The Statue of St. Patrick stands at the hill of Tara,in Ireland.
On St. Patrick's day many people will celebrate by attending church services, large feasts, parades , and going out to drink at the local pub.
Ireland's Flag
Ireland is an island in northwest Europe, next to Great Britain.
Ireland is the third largest island in Europe.
The country is divided in two
Southern half is Republic of Ireland and its capitol is Dublin.
Northern half is apart of the United Kingdom.

The Population is 6.4 million
The ethnic groups in Ireland are 87% Irish, 7% other white
Very small percentages of Asian, Black, and mixed.
Ireland's physical landscape is a mix of uplands, and lowlands
Many rivers, and lakes
Near the shores are tall cliffs and large rock formations.
The oldest known rock in Ireland was found to be over 1.7 billion years old.
The weather in Ireland is very rainy
Average rainfall per year is around 80-100 inches.
The summers and winters are considered to be fairly mild.
In the summer it's about 68 degrees
In the winter it drops to 40 degrees.
Ireland is a republic with elected presidents.
Once elected they are required to serve a 7 year term.
Southern Ireland's Currency is in Euros.
Northern Ireland's currency is in pounds.
One Euro is equal to about $1.30 in U.S. dollars.One pound is equal to $1.51 in U.S. dollars.
Religion has a big influence on Irish culture and traditions, including holidays.
Two main religions are Roman Catholic and protestant.
Many of their holidays have been named and based off of their beliefs in Christian saints.
Festivals in Ireland are often very popular during Saint Patrick's day.
Tons of people,dressed in
will gather to watch the parades.
There are usually dancers, floats, lots of music, and a huge marching band playing the bagpipes.
Celtic knots
The Celtic Knot is a famous Irish symbol, that was founded hundreds of years ago by the Celts.
This ancient symbol was used by them to decorate religious monuments and manuscripts.
Celtic Love Knot
Trinity Knot
Meals in Ireland are simple, easy to make, with very few, and basic ingredients.
Beef, Lamb, cabbage, and potatos are some examples of popular ingredients in traditional Irish meals.
Soda bread
Black Pudding is a type of sausage that is made with dried animal blood, and stuffed with bits of meat, barley, or oats.
The Leprechaun
The Leprechaun is an old Irish myth created many years ago.
Leprechaun is a male fairy with magical powers, and he uses them to play tricks on all of the farmers and villagers.
Every Leprechaun has a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow.
whoever catches him is rewarded with his treasure.
catching one is very because Leprechauns are very fast and cunning.
Irish Wedding Traditions
St. Patrick's Day is the Luckiest Day to get married unless it falls on a Saturday,
Irish proverb..."Marry on Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health,Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday for no luck at all.
The bride wears, a white dress and a veil or a wreath of wild flowers in her hair.
It is considered unlucky to put it on herself.
During the wedding ceremony the couple will take each other hands, crossing them over one another, and then wrap a ribbon around them, making a figure it eight.
Symbolizes trinity,commitment, and eternal bond.
The phrase"Tying the Knot,"had originated from this.
Claddagh ring is A traditional Irish wedding ring
it has the form of two hands holding a crowned heart
Colcannon is mashed potatoes mixed with pieces of cabbage or kale.
Corned beef and cabbage.
River dancing is a fairly new dance, that originated in Ireland in 1994 at the Eurovision song contest.This dance is very similar to an Irish step-dance and tap dance combined together.
Most popular sports Rugby, Cricket,Golf and Gaelic football
Colin Farrell
Michael Fassbender
Liam Neeson
Cillian Murphy
Ireland has also been a popular place for filming movies like Brave heart, Saving Private Ryan, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Movies filmed in Ireland
Brave Heart
Saving Private Ryan
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Ireland's Maine Languages Gaelic English.
Most Irish people speak English, but they have very different slang
Craic- Lots of fun
Jacks- Toilet/Restroom
Dry Shite-Boring person
Bunk off-To skip school
Snog- To makeout
Ice lolly- Popscicle
Dosser-Lazy person
Manky-Smelly or very dirty
Blarney Castle is oldest known castle Built in 1446.
Blarney Stone embedded in the battlements at the top of the castle.
legend: kiss the stone you will be given "The Gift of Gab" the power to talk yourself into or out of any situation.
The Giant's Causeway is made up of 40,000 basalt columns
St. Patrick's Cathedral
The Rock of Cashel
Galway Cathedral
The Cliffs of Moher
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