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Name Learning

Brainstorming of key aspects of a website intended to aid in the learning of names

Steve Surrette

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Name Learning

Name learning website Purposes Individuals
Allow initial learning of names
Easily refresh names at a later date (or before an encounter)
Avoid being caught in awkward situation of not knowing a name Groups
Improve team/group dynamics by quickly learning names
Avoid wasted time dedicated to learning names or name tags. For 277 can use 6 word memoir photos Need to crop out names of course Needed features Show picture, allow user to type in name
If the user gets a name correct a certain number of times in a row, assume it is learned and stop asking about it
Show user progress
Give instant feedback if correct or not, providing correct name when applicable
Allow users to upload photos and create their own name quizzes or find an existing one (from a group) ADVANCED: An algorithm to gradually show names less and less given the history of answers.

Could take into account:
Streak correct
Percent correct out of attempts
Number of times asked before
How recently it was asked
Time the user spent before entering answer
User entered "Importance" of learning name Allow user to remove name from list if they feel they know it Initially use a simple random number generator Don't allow same name to be asked twice in a row Allow user to see every name on a single plage
and current records for all names Can be used for initial studying before quiz Give record for name after each user input Allow user to manually count a name as correct in case of typos, nicknames (Steve/Steven, slight spelling errors (Jen/Jenn) Flexibility Allow first name only, first+last or last name only Allow name back option multiple choice? Let user change how many times they need to get a name correct in a row before removing from asking list Let users save and continue later Save sessions vs User names Save sessions Pros No need to sign up for an account
Easy for user to load or return to multiple save point locations will lose people if too difficult or time consuming to start Save sessions Cons passwords? User will need to remember multiple session names
Security? Password required for each?
Browser crash will lose work Would users even care? or use these features? Creating name quiz needs to be an easy process Users can create their own name quiz or load existing one created by a group. can get complicated with matching account names, session names. When passwords don't match. Allowing users to overwrite previous sessions with newer ones Expand out from just names could be useful in any sort of quizzing situation where a picture can be shown to represent the question spelling tests
landmarks # of names remaining to learn Allow inclusion of fun facts (6 word memoirs)

Use either as a hint or a reinforcement after user input
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