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Taster of sweets

No description

Felipe García

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Taster of sweets

Angus Kennedy (degustador professional) met obliged to move back from his position: " Chief taster of chocolate of Great Britain ", due to problems of health and the high cardiac risk that carries his work.
In this so sweet profession the different candies are savoured and become formless to see if they will please before going out to the market.
These persons travel all over the world proving the different delicacies and choosing the best to to make them to know for other places
Have care of all forms since if he eats in excess this it can represent a problem of health.
To develop sense of the taste, to distinguish flavors, textures, consistency and smell, to observe that sweet they are more attractive
Taster of sweets
Knowledge on the composition of the sweets and like that to avoid allergies.
To know the typical delicacies of every country.
To handle different languages, especially the English language.
To realize surveys and market researches
The lovers of the desserts and chocolates can manage to enjoy a sweet day of work. The tasters of chocolate can be employed at house for the companies, factories or at the supermarkets and other shops. This way the employers can test his ingredients and carry out market researches.
The doctors warned Kennedy that due to the daily ingestion of chocolates and sweets, his life runs risk. It can happen to you.
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