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Blackout Poems

No description

g e

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Blackout Poems

What do you notice about the words the author chose?

How would you describe them?
How are they organized?
+Share your poem
Blackout Poems
"In place of sky views seen only from the Earth, the new system allows students to look beyond the solar system and study star formations or clusters of galaxies and galactic mergers beyond our own Milky Way from any prospective," says Karen Vandlandingham, associate professor and director of the planetarium.

"Students have the capability of standing on Mars, for example, and of having a view as if they're next to the rover that was left there."

"Geology students are taking advantage of this equipment as well," says Vanlandingham. "The 'Layered Earth' program can project huge areas of the Earth onto the dome. Any data base of earthquakes, for example, can be projected - even the center of a quake. Students can also observe what's happening under the Earth's surface as a volcano develops."


do it together
do it yourself
5 Minutes to choose an article
and create your own
blackout poem
How could this activity be useful to you in the future?
1. Generate ideas for a creative writing piece.
2. Find new vocabulary.
3. Experiment with different moods, tones, and points of view.
4. Identify the main idea.
5. Rework an old piece of writing.

Create a blackout poem from a piece of your own writing.
If you did not finish in class, complete the newspaper blackout poem.
On Friday, we will all be scanning one of our poems to submit to the Newspaper Blackout blog.
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