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aksarapak kulweera-aree

on 15 April 2014

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Deborah Ellis

Books About The Breadwinner
Parvana is a girl age 11 who want to help her family. They had lived in a big house before the Taliban had come. One day four soldiers burst into their house, her father been arrested by the Taliban soldier and Parvana yell and threw herself at the two soldiers that they fell down. It's shows that she is so brave even that she was so scared. Because father is the only one that can worked so they have to turn Parvana into a boy. Parvana have to earn money and work in the market place for her family because no one else in the family could do it.
About The Author
Deborah Ellis is a Canadian author. Born in Cochrane, Ontario, she had to move several times in her childhood due to her parents' work. Ellis decided to start writing when she was 11-12 years old. When she grew up, her work and writing was mainly done by traveling and talking to others that have problems and documenting down the main things. She started to write her first book, The Breadwinner some time later. She had many jobs like an anti-war activist.
She traveled to Afghanistan in 1997 to help in refugee camps from these interviews she wrote the four part series which includes The Breadwinner, a book about a girl named Parvana.
Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, 11-year-old Parvana has rarely been outdoors. Barred from attending school, shopping at the market, or even playing in the streets of Kabul, the heroine of Deborah Ellis's engrossing children's novel The Breadwinner is trapped inside her family's one-room home. That is, until the Taliban hauls away her father and Parvana realizes that it's up to her to become the "breadwinner" and disguise herself as a boy to support her mother, two sisters, and baby brother.
Set in the early years of the Taliban regime, this topical novel for middle readers explores the harsh realities of life for girls and women in modern-day Afghanistan. A political activist whose first book for children, Looking for X, dealt with poverty in Toronto, Ellis based The Breadwinner on the true-life stories of women in Afghan refugee camps.
Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located in Central Asia, South Asia, and is a part of the Greater Middle East.
Afghan women were forced to wear the burqa at all times in public, because, according to one Taliban spokesman, "the face of a woman is a source of corruption" for men not related to them. In a systematic segregation sometimes referred to as gender apartheid, women were not allowed to work, they were not allowed to be educated after the age of eight, and until then were permitted only to study the Qur'an.
Woman in Afghanistan wearing burqa
The Taliban
Girls have to wear chador
Nooria is Parvana's older sister. She's 17 years old. Nooria has a nice beautiful hair. She cant leave the house and can't go to high school but she can take care of the family but she doesn't get along with Parvana.
Fatana (mother)
Fatana had been kicked out of her job as a writer for a Kabul radio station. She is a good mother who always take care her family but when her husband had been arrested, she has a lot of depressed.
Went to university in England and had been a teacher before. Now he read a letter and sell things in the marketplace. He was arrested by the Taliban soldiers.
Maryam & Ali
Maryam is 5 years old girl. She has a good relationship with Parvana.
Ali is a 2 years old boy. Is the youngest one.

Was the oldest brother but died by a landmine when he was 14.
Mrs. Weera
Helps Parvana's family. She is wise and understanding.
with Parvana
reporter: What was your mother and father's job before?
Parvana: My mother used to be a writer for a Kabul radio station and my father used to be a teacher.
r: What would you feel if the Taliban beat one of your family?
P: I'd get very angry and want to kick the Taliban.
r: What do you feel about Nooria?
P: I'm jealous because Nooria has beautiful hair and she doesn't have to do anything at all.
r: What would you do if your father never came back?
P: I can't do anything about father but I will help my family as much as I could to get a better life.
r: If you can wish for one thing what would you wish for?
P: I wish that Afghanistan will get better with no Taliban.
By Keen
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1:
The Taliban had ordered all the girls and women in Afghanistan to stay inside their homes with no education. Both of Parvana's parents had an education and a job before. They had had abig house, car and own rooms. One of the difficult of living with your whole family in one room.
Chapter 2:
Mother and Nooria were cleaning. Parvana need to fetch the water again. After that the whole family talk and laugh together when four Taliban sodiers burst through the door. Two of the Taliban soldiers dragged father and arrested him. The two others were ripping open the toshaks with knives and tossing things out of the cupboard. Before the Taliban soldiers had found father's books, Parvana yelled and threw herself at them with such force that they both fell down. Then she was knocked aside by the Taliban soldiers.
Chapter 3:
Mother, Nooria and Parvana clean the room up. That night they couldn't sleep. Parvana missed her father's snoring. Assoon as she heard her father's snoring, she knew she was safe. Parvana kept watch all night until the morning was come. Mother and Parvana went to the prison for releasing father but the Taliban soldiers doesn't let him go. Their feet was very sore.
Chapter 4:
They returned home from prison. They was so tired. Mother threw her burqa down on the floor. Her face was stained with tears and sweat. She collapsed onto the toshak. Mother cried for a long long time, she's depressed. Parvana was very tired too.
Chapter 5:
Parvana go out to the market to buy some foods because the food is running out. The Taliban saw Parvana in the market without a man. The Taliban brought his stick down on Parvana's shoulder. Parvana yelled and started to run. She ran into a woman carrying a child, she is Mrs Weera.
Chapter 6:
While Mrs Weera came to stay with them, they've decided to turn Parvana into a boy. She went to the market without anyone notice that she is a girl. When she finished her shopping and went home mother was depressed again, it's because of Parvana dressed like Hossain.
Chapter 7:
Mother gave father's writing things and his blanket, then go to the market. She did as father do. One Taliban soldier come to her where she's sitting. He asked Parvana to read the letter from his wife's aunt. He look sad. In Parvana's thought, 'she had seen Talibs only as men who beat woman and arrested her father. Could they have feelings of sorrow, like other human beings?'
Chapter 8:
- Along, tent-like garment, which the Taliban have decreed women must wear whenever they go outside.
- Afghan bread, flat.
- One of the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan.
- One of the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan.
- The Soviet Union before its break up, including Russia and other Communist countries.
- Members of the ruling party in Afghanistan.
- A narrow mattress used in many Afghan homes instead of chairs or bed.
shalwar kameez
Long, loose shirt and trousers, worn by both men and women.
A piece of cloth worn by women and girls to covers their hair and shoulder. Girls wear this outside.
- Moslem festival coming at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Parvana headed out with Mrs Weera to get her belongings. Mrs Weera had been living with her grandchild in a roomevn smaller than Parvana's. Parvana was sitting watching the tea boys. The boy sprawled in the dust in front of Parvana. She saw his face. The tea boy was a girl from her class.
The tea boy was a girl from her class named 'Shauzia'. So there were other girls like her in Kabul! Parvana brought Shauzia to her home, then Shauzia went back.
Parvana and Shauzia were going to dig up bones. Shauzia was the first one who grabbed a bone out of the ground and pulled. Parvana not willing to let Shauzia get the better of her, Parvana took up her board and started to do it.
Chapter 11:
Parvana did not want to tell mother what she did but last she answer her mother. She is digging up bones. Mother was disagree. In the end, mother relented. Later Parvana and Shauzia had enough money to buythe trays, with straps.
Mrs. Weera
Mrs Weera is the understanding person who brings and cheers the family up. She always think positive improvement and encouragement. She cheers Parvana up, she help Fatana while Fatana was depressed, she change this family outlook and she like to work as a team.
If Parvana had not bumped into Mrs Weera in the market, they all might get starving and more depressed f someone didn't do something to solve the problem out. And because of mother is depressed, father was in prison and Nooria has to wear burqa so Mrs Weera is the understanding person who brings and cheers the family up. She always think positive improvement and encouragement. She cheers Parvana up, she help Fatana while Fatana was depressed, she change this family outlook and she like to work as a team. arvana is the only one who could do it, but she might get caughtby the Taliban soldier someday. Parvana is the lucky one that met Mrs Weera.
If Mrs Weera didn't come, of course mother would be depressed for a long long time. Maybe Nooria would be the next person who's depressed. While mother was depressed Mrs Weera had gotten mother up and washed. On page 60 its said 'things were going to get easier.' since Mrs Weera had come. Meanwhile Parvana can also been caught by the Taliban soldier too, but I think it won't happened to Parvana. Alternatively she can avoided going outside or run away as fast as she could from the Taliban. It is dangerous that Parvana or other girls and women in Afghanistan to go outside without a man. That can get caught and been punishment.
The family could come up with the same plan but it doesn't work for last time. They could comes up with different plan depended on what plan it is, if it work or not. Mrs Weera plan is changing Parvana into a boy and this plan works a lot. Parvana could go to the market with no one can notice ner into a boy.

Chapter 12:
Parvana stayed home for a few days.The family had heard about the events at the stadium too. Then the few days she went to Shauzia. Shauzia told Parvana that she's going to France sring. Shauzia said "France people must have bad days, too, but Idon't think their bad days can be very bad, not bad like here." and "I'm starting to grow". Then Parvana went back home. Mother told her that Nooria's getting married.
Chapter 13:
They'll go to Marzar for Nooria's wedding, but Parvana would stay at home. The Taliban aren't in that part of Afghanistan. Parvana got caught in the rain. She would wait out of the storm there and go home when it was over. Parvana went inside the building then...she heard the sound of woman crying.
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Parvana brought the woman home. She look younger than Nooria but little bit older than Parvana. Her named is Homa, the girl from Mazar. She escape from Mazar because the Taliban had covered that part, they came house to house, shot Homa's family, then in the night she ran out and the truck stopped on the street then she jump in, and got to Kabul.
Parvana came home from the work. The two men gently helping her father up the steps to the apartment. He was alive. The Taliban released him. Mrs Weera had a visitor, a member of the women. They said a lot of people fled Mazar and they're staying in refugee camps outside the city, so maybe Parvana and father could find mother there. Mrs Weera, Homa and Shauzia is going to Pakistan.
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