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A Potato by Any Other Name.

Something to share with the special someone in your life this Valentines Day.

Judit Klein

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of A Potato by Any Other Name.

They say the rose is the symbol for love... But they really only exist to be pretty. So that's like saying... My love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance. " " A potato on the other hand! Potatoes last forever! In fact, not only will they not rot, they actually grow stuff. There are so many ways to enjoy a potato! You can even make a battery with it! So that's like saying, I have many ways in which I show my love for you. " " Potatoes may be ugly But they're still awesome So it's like saying: I don't care at all what you look like because I'll still love you. " " Happy Valentines Day! Share the love! Share this Prezi
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and create your own! Image sources: http://fire-fingers.deviantart.com/art/Potato-Heart-134233406
http://cloaks.deviantart.com/art/Be-Mine-Texture-Pack-352533104 http://bit.ly/URoHj3 Click me!
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