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Tangerine Part 2 Questions!

No description

Meaghan Cooper

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Tangerine Part 2 Questions!

Tangerine Part 2
Part 2 Questions!
Switch with a partner near you
Grab a marker
Get ready to grade!
if it's wrong - write the right answer
if it's right!

Question 1: What kind of inappropriate questions does Paul's mom ask?

She asks about Joey sleeping over and how much time they are spending together when their friendship is not going well
2. What kind of information do you think the newspaper should print about Tangerine Middle's soccer team?

This is an OPINION question, so as long as it makes sense, then it's right!
3. Why are Paul and Joey not getting along?

Joey thinks he is better than all the other kids. He wants to be a star on the Tangerine soccer team, but their team is already established. He also wants all of Paul's attention, like he had at Lake Windsor Middle School
4. Describe the Golden Dawn Tangerine

The Golden Dawn Tangerine is a hybrid (mix) between 2 different tangerines. I seedless, very juicy, and resistant to cold weather.
5. Should Paul stay with his science group? Why or why not?

This is an opinion question, so as long as you have good reasons that make sense, then it's right!
6. What do lightning rods do?

They attract the lighting and re-route the lightning to the ground to prevent the house from taking all the damage from the bolt.
7. Name & describe at least 3 troubles the Lake Windsor Homeowner's Association is facing.
1. Termites are infesting the houses
2. Robberies are taking place in the houses being fumigated
3. Koi are all missing from the pond
4. Lightning Rods on Mr. Donnelly's house are ugly
5. Muck Fires are out of control
6. Mosquitoes are everywhere, need to spray poison
8. What goes on in the Tomas Cruz Groves/nursery?

Paul meets Luis for the first time. He teaches the science group about the plants and how they grow first from lemon rootstock. He explained his plant, The Golden Dawn Tangerine. He also answered lots of questions for their science project.
9. How is Paul getting along with his soccer team?

Paul is getting closer to the teammates and becoming friends. He is also getting a lot more playing time in the games, and even played all 90 minutes of 2 games.
10. What is Mr. Donnelly's agenda?

He doesn't want to take down the lightning rods.
He also is interested in the truth: about how great the Tangerine team is and how everyone overlooks them.
He is also looking to make sure Betty Bright has the attention she deserves, because she was a great athlete when she was younger.
11. What rules would you make for teams that cannot play in bad weather?

This is an OPINION question. As long as your rules make sense and are something that are realistic, then they are correct!
12. What event was memorable for you from Lake Windsor/Tangerine soccer game? Why?

Predict what will happen in part 3
Score your neighbor's paper!
Each question is worth 8 points!
Write the total score on the front page
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