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The Unwanteds

No description

Jordyn F

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of The Unwanteds

Hope you enjoy my prezi!! Welcome to my prezi on one of my favorite books: The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann!! The main characters: In this paragraph I am going to tell you about the beginning of the book: In this paragraph I am going to tell you about the middle of the book: Quiz Question #1 In this paragraph i will tell you about the end of the book: Quiz Question #2 Alex Stowe- a thirteen year old who was declared an unwanted during the purge
Aaron Stowe- a thirteen year old who was declared a wanted during the purge and he is holding a secret
Lani- a unwanted and has a father in the Quillitary
Meghan Ranger- an unwanted and a girl with an unwanted older brother: Sean Ranger
Samheed Burkesh- a mean unwanted and has a father in the Quillitary
Mr.Today- a cheerful man who is willing to take the unwanteds into his fabulous land: Artime
Mrs.Octavia- a octopus/alligator teacher in Artime who teaches Alex Stowe In the beginning of the book the purge was going on. The purge is when the high Preist Justine divides the thirteen year olds in the wanteds, the unwanteds, and the necessaries. The necessaries and the wanteds stay in Quill, but unfortunately the unwanteds go to the death farm. Aaron Stowe becomes a wanted with fifteen other kids, but Alex Stowe becomes an unwanted with twenty other kids(including Meghan Ranger and Lani.)
While Alex Stowe was waiting to hear how the elimination was going to go, a man with red eyes and a black robe came out of a dying building and said" I will take them from here", but he wasnt going to eliminate them. He was going to bring them into an amazing world they all dreamed of: Artime. Artime was amazing with luscious green forests and grass and beautiful sparkling blue water. It was like an amazing dream! All the unwanteds were in awe! Then they noticed that the dying building became a mansion. The learned how the mansions tranportation system( the tubes) worked and then they got comfortable in their rooms.
Meanwhile Aaron Stowe went to the Quill university for the wanteds and he was the smartest in his class. When Alex entered his brothers door he saw his brother asleep. He awoke him and Aaron was so scared he was about to call the University's guards. Alex was trying to tell him that he was his brother but Aaron wouldn't believe him because he didn't know Mr. Today took them and did not eliminate them( the Unwanteds). He thought they were dead. So Alex left sadly and went back through the door drawing and into the hallway where Mr.Today was waiting for him.
The next day Aaron told High Priest Justine about his brother not being eliminated. From that war broke out between Artime and Quill. It was a deadly and difficult battle, but at the end the best side won. What caused the war between Artime and Quill? If you guessed B...........

You are CORRECT!! What was Mr. Today wearing when he took the Unwanteds into Artime? There are MANY more characters in this book! In the middle of the book Meghan , Lani, and Samheed get their vests after weeks of training in their groups. The groups are what they came to Artime for. For example Alex came to Artime for drawing in the dirt with a stick, so his group is drawing. They train in case if they have to fight the Quillitary. Alex is the only one that didnt get his vest. After weeks of harder training he finally got his vest. Alex learned something very exciting: he learned how to draw 3D pictures. Knowing how to do that he could draw something identical of something else(like a door) and he could walk right through the drawing where he would come out where the original something was. Coincidentally Alex noticed video cameras in the mansion and it was of his brother Aaron's room. So he drew his brother's door. Then one night he entered his drawn door into his brother's room. A. Alex went into Quill and told High Priest Justine that the Unwanteds were never eliminated B. Aaron told High Priest Justine about Alex and the other Unwanteds C. Alex got caught by the guards A. A colorful robe B. no robe, but pants and a shirt C. A robe black as night If you guessed C........

You are CORRECT!!!!! Quiz Question #3 Does Meghan Ranger have an Unwanted brother? A. Yes B. No If you guessed A........ You are CORRECT!!! I hope you enjoyed my prezi on The Unwanteds!! Have a good day!!
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