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Bumblebee Photography Presentation

entrepreneurship project

Non Okumura

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Bumblebee Photography Presentation

Promotion Bumblebee Photograph plans to make itself known to the public through poster advertisments and a website. By putting our ads in places where parents often go within school (i.e. the High School Office, Booster Booth) we plan to let the SAS community know about us and hopefully from there, expand into the much larger expat community. Summary Target Market The target market for this company is mainly parents at SAS who have kids involved in events such as IASAS and SACAC; they want high quality photos of their children doing their favorite activities to preserve memories. www.bumblebeephotography.wordpress.com
Ads in the Newsflash, posters around campus
ATTENTION: Ads in places with high parent traffic
INTEREST: Parent realization of what this company can do
DESIRE: The want of professionally captured memories
ACTION: Booking me for photo services Competitors Yearbook/Journalism:
-More than one photographer
-Focus on event, not individuals
-Free of charge
Parent Photographers:
-May know more parents than I do
-But mostly lack photographic knowledge
-Free of charge

a. Photography Portraits/Pictures
i.Bumblebee Photography
ii.Features: Soft/Hard copies of photos; Benefits: Personalized photos
iii.High Quality
iv.CD’s for soft copy photos; Envelopes for Hard copy photos


i.Distribution Channels: Personal Delivery or pick-up service; website to display photos taken earlier that day (or in the past)
ii.Locations: Lexie’s house, SAS
iii.Logistics: Minimal Service Expenses Place
i.Prices: Lowest $95 per job (includes booking fees)
ii.Discounts/Programs: Booking Fees from selective packages Price
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