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No description

Tony Litherland

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Congress

Congress- leaders and parties
Speakers of the House
Can you name the last 10 Speakers?
Leaders of the Senate
VP of the US - president (symbolic and to break ties)
President pro-tempore
presiding officer (1 hour)
Floor leaders
LBJ 1955 through Jan 1961

What do congressional leaders do?
Two-Party System
My Analysis
High levels of safe seats insulate Congressmen from average people
It undermines teamwork

Speaker is:
1. a long time member of the House
2. Once elected, remain Speaker
Reed's Rule
Majority leader vs. Minority leader
Committee chairs and vice-chairs
Limits on leadership
What is happening
absence of trust
fear of compromise
lack of motivation
avoid accountability - posturing
disregard for all circumstances and consequences other than the next election

Voters, media, grassroots, I/G, money, leadership
No one wins
too much power in the hands of the Speaker
too much individualism in the Senate
get rid of the 60% rule
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