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Oneika Layne

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Significance of Title Protagonist Opposite Words Hero's Journey Variant by: Robison Wells The title of the book is Variant. Benson Fisher
Very determined
He immediately realizes that the school is dangerous and is constantly planning an escape.
He doesn't waste any time
He does not know when to lay low.
He doesn't thoroughly think through how is actions might affect others Variant = not agreeing or conforming
Variant is also the name of the gang that Benson joins when he arrives at the school Plot Graph Setting and Genre The story takes place in Maxfield Academy, a private school in New Mexico.
However there are no adults whatsoever in the building and no lesson plans.
They are paid in points that they can use to purchase items from the school's website online. Setting and Genre Chip in the form of, necklcace, bracelet and watch
The gangs were created because of many differences of opinion of the school.
The gangs also made a truce on who gets what contract.
The genres of the book are Thriller and Science Fiction. Protagonist Benson doesn't want to stay in Maxfield Academy so he tries his hardest not to get comfortable.
He is the instigator of the escape and he takes the role of trying to convince the other students how important escaping is. Major Change in Main Character One thing that caused a major change in Benson was when he found out that Jane was an android/robot.
They definitely had a strong relationship and he thought that she was brutally beaten right next to him.
At that moment, he realized that they really didn't know anything about the school and he didn't know who could be trusted. Quotes Beginning/ Exposition Rising Action Warned not to listen to Isaiah or Oakland.
He is greeted by another student named Becky
She explains to him that the school has no teachers, calenders and is full of security cameras
Benson immediately decides that the school has to be dangerous and that it is time to leave
He finds out that there is no way out and that people who leave, never come back Benson is a foster child who no longer wants to be in that living environment
Benson applied for a scholarship at Maxfield Academy and got accepted
The school is located in New Mexico in the middle of a forest
Surrounded by a heavy chain-link gate and a massive brick wall
When he enters through the door, two students immediately run out and chase after the car Rising Action No teachers, split up in gangs: Society Havoc and Variant
Each gang has a specific contract of jobs to complete
All gang leaders want Benson to join their gang. When he turns Society and Havoc down they immediately develop hatred towards him
Benson joins Variant
Society has the security, medical, administration and teaching contracts
Society is in charge Climax Ever since he got to the school, Benson was trying to escape
He got into a few fights and broke a few bones
The main punishment in the school is "detention"
The school attempts to make things normal by having events
At one of the dances, Benson and his fellow Variant Jane went outside for a walk
They were then attacked by two Society students and beaten with a large metal pipe Climax Benson was knocked unconscious but eventually woke up
He saw Jane and tried to revive her
She did awaken but got up and started walking, not acknowledging Benson
He followed her and watched as she opened the door that no other student was able to open and plugged herself into a computer
He showed the other gangs Jane and they were all surprised, not all students agreed to escape
They proceeded to escape
Many society kids stopped them and others revealed themselves as being androids
Benson and Becky made it out, the others were trapped Denouement/Falling
Action Benson & Becky ran as far as they could not knowing where they were going
Mason ran up after them and beat them with a wrench
They destroyed him
They continued to walk further into the forrest
Becky badly injured
They stopped to rest and saw where the smoke was coming from Resolution Benson followed the smoke and found a town (pg 372)
There was a barn
He entered
Jane was there
Not an android (pg 373) " You know what pisses me off the most about this...?"
-Benson pg 194
I chose this quote because it shows how brainwashed some of the students are.

" But this is good, Can't you see that? We can be happy here."
-Jane pg 208
Some kids really didnt want to leave

" I didn't let go, didn't want to ever let go. I didn't want to go back to normal life."
-Benson pg 207 Human Nature Not everyone can be trusted
Some of Benson's closest friends turned out to be androids, even the gang leader's girlfriend
Love is blind
Benson was falling for Jane and wasn't at all able to handle the fact that whatever relationship they had was a lie
Things are better accomplished through teamwork
No one would have been able to escape n if everyone wasn't involved Peace Violence In the novel Violence is used as a tactic of keeping the peace. The rules are simple, follow the instructions and you don't get hurt. Theme "If I go inside, then we'll all get to talking, and I'll never get out of there." Foreshadowing
No one can escape Table of Contents 1. Significance of title
2. Plot Graph
3. Setting/Genre
4. Protagonist
5. Major Change
7. Human Nature
8. Opposite Words
9. Theme
10. Contoversial Issue Slide Controversial Issue The issue is on whether or not the students should try to leave.
Some think that there is no point because they have no families to go home to
I think leaving is the best idea
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