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Computer System Servicing

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arnicko sison

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Computer System Servicing


10 Principles of CBT
I as a CBT Trainer
Competency Based Training (CBT)
The Competency Based Learning Material (CBLM)
The Competencies
Install and configure computer systems

Set-up Computer Networks

Set-up Computer Servers

Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks

CBT is a training delivery approach that focuses on the competency development of the learner as a result of the training.

It emphasizes on what the learner can do; focuses on outcomes and is concerned with the attainment and application of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE to a specific level of competency.

You as CBT Trainees
-Serve as a team member
-Serve as a model
-Stimulate trainees’ motivation
-Manage learning
-Diagnose and solve learning problems
-Evaluate your achievements
-Assist you to obtain individualized rewards
-Assist each trainee in designing a personalized plan of study
-Install confidence in the learners
-Interact to trainees in 1:1 basis
-Help students who are in need
-Accept responsibility along with students for the tasks learned or not learned

-may select what you want to learn and when you want to learn it, within reason;
-learn at your own rate within program guidelines;
-may request to receive credit for what you already know;
-may choose how you want to learn- individually, on a one to one basis, in small or large group or with audio- visuals.
-are responsible for what you learn and when you learn it;
-decide when you are ready to perform each task or demonstrate mastery of learning to a job- like level of proficiency before receiving credit for the task;

-Evaluate your own progress;***
-Move freely in the workshop, laboratory****

CBLM is a well designed and carefully developed learning material that gives trainees detailed instruction to guide trainees through the learning session.
You are required to go through a series of learning activities in order to complete each learning outcome of a module. Each learning outcome is provided with Information Sheets (Reference Materials for further reading to help you better understand the required activities). Follow these activities on your own and answer the self-check at the end of each learning outcome.

Evaluation System
Not Yet Competent
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