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alexis pownall

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Racism

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. - Oxford Dictionaries
Race is a social construct
Race is just a category that is social not biological (this has changed)
What is Racism?
Who is involved?
Can prevent members of a community from feeling as equal and/or valued members of society
Psychological stress, which can affect family, health, well being, and work
Can prevent people from communities from interacting and will then cause or increase fear, discomfort, and even resentment
Leads to isolation
Stereotypes and stigmas
Negative Effects of Racism
Are there positive effects to racism?
Positive Effects
Racism Definition
Different Perspectives of Racism
Importance of Racism
Functions and Dysfunctions
Negative and Positive Effects
Applying Social Conflict Theory
Issues of Wealth
Racism- Health Care
More Statistics
1 in 3 Canadians believe that Aboriginal Peoples and Muslims are the frequent targets of discrimination
1,401 hate crimes took place in Canada in 2010
52% Racial
29% Religious
Ethno-racial groups make up 13% of Canada’s population (2005)
By 2017, this will increase to 20% (Statistics Canada, 2005)
Inequality and Conflict
Realities of Race
Issues of Power
It has been estimated that 75% of recent immigrants to Canada belong to racialized groups
1/3 of Canadians will be members of a visible minority by 2031
Whites being the minority in Toronto and Vancouver over the next few decades
55% of Canadians are satisfied that we have overcome racial discrimination
Heath Care Con't
Racism can be viewed from different perspectives
The racist
The victim(s) of these actions
You may be wondering...
Why did we give some of you Popsicle sticks?
to health care and
of health care is jeopardized
Many racialized people(s) live in poverty or have been exposed to health risks
Result of economic struggles
One study examined ethnic variations with physician contacts and hospital admissions
Racialized group members were less likely to be admitted to hospital compared to non-racialized individuals
To conclude...
Thank you for listening!
"You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is solidarity"

Bobby Seale
Women’s Hands Community Health Centre studied quality of care in Canada (2003)
Approx. 1 in 5 participants reported that they experienced racism in the health care system
Name calling
Racial slurs
Racism and heath can be directly connected
Bodies natural stress response









Humans are naturally divided into racial categories
Divides human diversity into road categories that ignore how similar we are across categories
The absence of race in our DNA does not mean that race is not real
The realities of race are sociological, not biological. These include:
Racial categories (although these change over time)
Racial Discrimination and disadvantages
Racial privilege
Racial pride and the role of race in family identity
Inequality exists because those in control of a disproportionate share of society's resources actively defend their advantages
Why does inequality Exist?
How is race a result of Inequality and conflict?
Political, economic, cultural, material and/ or religious
Competition over scarce resources
Dominate less powerful groups
Use of power to reinforce prejudices
Causes of Racism
Race causes inequality in humans, which to some people cause conflict
Hate crimes
Lack of self love
Feel a need to be superior
Instinctive reaction
We feel a need to protect what is familiar
Sometimes that includes race
A lack of education
Mass Media/Pop Culture
Lack of Awareness
We chose to use the Social Conflict theory to approach our issue:
Wealth gap between African-American and white families
Median wealth of white house holds is 20 times that of African American
systematic and social barriers
difficulty obtaining reliable jobs, often lack helpful resources, longer lasting unemployment
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