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360 Peer Evaluations

No description

Denise Castro

on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of 360 Peer Evaluations

360 Peer Evaluations
Purpose/Aim continued
What is the Purpose/Aim?
Creates accountability of group members
Student requested
Instructor can intervene in significant cases
Tips for Success
'Sell' the process
Focus on formative approach
Integrity, transparency, anonymity
Make it positive and non-punitive
Raise awareness of outcomes and objectives
Explain timing of the submissions

Benefits of Google Form/Spreadsheet
Lack of resistance and strong response rate indication of success
Repeat of the peer evaluation reveals trends
Saves great deal of time for faculty and student
Requires management for facilitation
Instructor/Technologist relationship

Making it Work
Embed the Google Form in LMS
Remind students to login to school gmail
Each member submits one for each teammate
Give one week to complete after unit
Remind students again to ensure accurate ratings
Several times in a semester reveals patterns
Can sift out and sense groups dynamic
Criteria/Content Form
Teamwork Using Google Suite instead of paper
What group problems were reduced?
Student complaints about inequity of workload
Student complaints about personality issues
Lack of ownership
Collaboration issues
Mystery of what happened in the group

The Set Up
Create Google Form and Spreadsheet
Load student names and criteria into a google form
Add formulas to query and average scores on sheet
Create a roster page with email addresses
Sort out data into roster page for email merge
Create a template with tags to match student data
Run Autocrat
No paper, no manual collecting/grading
Instructor views data in one place
Several tabs with filtered data
Instructor obtains grade from sheet
Student scores/feedback email merged

Gives students a voice

Gives students some power
Evaluation of peers is a % of
grade determined by peers.
Creates a macro view for the instructor
Creates an average of all ratings for instructor
Instructor can see trending within groups sw
Students fill
in Google Form
go into Google Sheet
Data filtered by student evaluated
Data averaged for each student
receive anonymous
averaged ratings
Google Form
Google Sheet
Student Email Merge

Dr. Scott Waltz, Liberal Studies
Denise Castro, Instructional Designer

Group members can see what is important as a group member (from Criteria in form)
Informs soft skills/collaboration
Opportunity for students to learn from feedback provided (formative) sw
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