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Harrah's (student presentation)

No description

Katya U

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of Harrah's (student presentation)

Harrah's Entertainment: keeping changes sound and fresh the old culture transformation company background overempahsizing employee loyalty employees looking backward to tradition and "how things have always been done" resistance towards changes ...to centralization or oversight

"my casino is my casino" attitude

no cooperation between properties culture is not competitve
no connection between everyday operations and the company's overall well-being

focus solely on long tenure and employees' happiness problems with upper management team management rather than leadership

Head of Human Resources:
> no expertise in gaming or hotel
> only focused on designing senior executives' compensation packages negative outcomes different kind of HR leader needed:

must understand operations and business strategy
must be able to spend time at the casino sites
common conflict between headquarters and operations operations:
clear measurements and contributions
competitive and driven

less transparency, more politics and different culture changing conventional standoffishness between field and headquarters 1. compensation and benefits
2. property products and services (training and assessment)
3. executive search and leadership development turnover issue ex: in several properties turnover was higher than 70%
> bt. no quality reporting on turnover, average tenure

goal: lower turnover by 15% by next year finding right people individual interview + adding standardized tests
entry-level workers: short 20-question test
longer for entry-level supervisers
upper-level: Critical Thinking Appraisal, Personality Inventory, and leadership opinion questionnaire dilemma Loveman's viewpoint Satre's opinion
hiring MBAs from other fields at senior levels instead of promoting externally promoting from within:

have deep understanding and intuition regarding business nature
relating to employees
understanding customers

good example: Marilyn Winn for HR hiring and socializing focusing on pre 90-day "quick quits"
moving people to another roles is needed

1) behavioral test
2) HR interview
3) interview with manager
4) realistic job preview
5) after 30 days: meeitng HR
6) after 45 days: meeting with department manager new reward system
motivating employees to improve customer service GAINSHARING
collective team-focused bonuses (novel idea in gaming industry)


1) tough regulations (exclude bribery)

2) customers often loosing founded in 1937 by William F. Harrah in Reno, Nevada

IPO in 1971

first casino to be listed on NYSE in 1973

owned by Holiday Inns, Inc. within a decade

2005 Harrah's completed takeover of Caesars Entertainment
But in 1980s: industry trend:
building "must-see" properties to attract new customers
drawback: short-term oriented benefits PRODUCT-BASED BUSINESS MODEL MARKETING-BASED BUSINESS MODEL becoming customer-obssessed hiring new marketing executives
focus on database marketing

Total Rewards Program
making Harrah's a home away from home for customers achieved through companywide
oversite and alignment focusing on employees 1 2 ensuring data reporting
emplementing new companywide policies
data sharing

integrating marketing with operations CEO Satre combined roles for Loveman (COO + CMO) creating synergy of processes the new vision our proposals 1. 2. 3. employees may start to feel tough pressure for keeping up with improvement goals: revising and adjusting metrics for: focus on non-monetary benefits and recognition
...different properties > with diferent market share exposure cannot perform identically

...employees in different service areas (response speed for waiters, job quality for room service, accuracy for cashiers) more of informal socialization (employee events, barbecues)
employee performance recognition and rewards (best employee of month in job excellence, leadership skills, etc.) enhancing communication and feedback providing improvement guiding for underperforming employees profitability bonus given declining economy, worsening financial results and overall conditions (flights after September 11th)
world's largest gambling company with 100 000 staff, 40 casinos

in 2010 changing corporate name to Caesars Entertainment Corporation
> global vrand name recognition

yearly revenue for 2010 $8.9 billion history note nowadays recreating human resource function: by:
Katya Ushmugina
Victoriya Tutova
Mariya Tutova
Meruyert Kuanysheva 0. I. II. III. IV. II. I. III. factors to consider after new culture is established and priorities are set....

Bill Harrah's leadership
customer service edge

pride and ownership of employees

Reputation of good employer (benefiting human capital and regulators relations) from 1970s:
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