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Schooled by Gordon Korman

No description

Maddie Anderson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Schooled by Gordon Korman

Presentation created by
Maddie Torrey Presentation created by
Maddie Torrey Capricorn (Cap) Anderson
He is a hippie with one guardian only. Main Charactors Mr. Kasigi
The assistant principle of C Average Middle School. Darryl Pennyfield
One of Zach's fallowers who accidentally tackles and punches Cap a couple of times. Supporting Charactors Setting The alternative community home. They live in our generation, it's just that Cap and Rain belive in a different religion. (We are the money hungry rat-race to them.) A lot of the book is happening in Claverage Middle School (but Zach rippped a letter of there property so now it says C Average Middle school. Rain
She is a hippie and is Cap's grandmother, who brakes her hip falling out of a tree. Zach Powers
A mean 8th grader who picks on everyone, especially the hippie, Cap. Mrs. Donnely
She used to be a hippie but moved to the city where she lives with her teenage daughter. Naomi Erlanger
One of Zach's fallowers who goes to hang out with Cap instead. Hugh Winkleman
Cap's first friend. Setting: At Garland Farm,
the school, and the
Donnely's house. Rain breaks her hip and goes to the hospital so Cap has to take refuge at the Donnely's and goes to school for the first time. Cap gets elected the 8th grade president, but to everyone it's like getting elected the biggest loser in school. Everyone starts to like Cap and he goes from a big loser to this kid everyone likes, and he makes lots of friends. Rain heals comes to a conclusion and sells Garland Farm to a company so she and Cap can live normal lives in the city and he gets to go to school with his friends.
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