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Be Your Own Boss!

This is a presentation based on the World Development Report 2014; Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development. A publication of the World Bank.

Tai Ametepee

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Be Your Own Boss!

Community Builders
For sustainable
to be achieved in our communities, young and vibrant minds like you have to take up the responsibility of community building.

Identify the needs in the community, develop means by which these needs can be met and research how to create wealth from it.

Rather than waiting for dwindling employment opportunities, learn to be an Entrepreneur.
You need to take on
Risk to Build!
Preparation is key!
Be Prepared!
Strength in Unity!
Shocks are inevitable. Demand for products may fall, policies may change, markets may crash and accidents may happen. When they hit, your level of preparation helps you in the

Interacting with your team helps to make the process smoother and faster. Forge relationships across your community that will strengthen your resilience. Learn from shocks to make you emerge better and wiser. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Coping with Shocks
Connect the dots!
Acquiring the right
is crucial.
What are the opportunities available for development in your community?
What are the skills you have to attain to take on these opportunities?
What are the risks involved?
How can you raise funds for your project?
Is there any existing policies that will affect your project in any way?
What existing markets are available for your transactions?
What are the foreseeable obstacles and how can they be tackled?
The right information will always give you the cutting edge.
Be in the Know!
Community Entrepreneurs Initiative
Wield off Shocks!
Shocks will come and you have to be ready for them. Get the right
for your investment.
Develop systems around your operating procedures and standardize them.
Acquire basic entrepreneurial and management skills.
Seek legal counsel.
Be thorough in all your transactions.
Research into relevant policies that concerns your investment and abide by them.
Businesses cope better during turbulent times when they are well protected.

Protect your Investment!
Be Insured!
Insurance pays!
Another splendid way to safeguard your investment is
. It helps spread your risk evenly over time making it easier for you to deal with shocks when they hit.

It cushions impacts of tragic occurrences by providing the necessary building blocks to speed up your recovery.

Identify possible shocks in your investment and get a good insurance policy to cover them. You won't regret it!
Sky is the limit!
Why be a dispensable employee when you can
? Stop searching for scarce or nonexistent jobs, create them. Be the solution to the developmental challenges in your community.

Take the bold step of confronting the risks, employ
tools and be dedicated to your vision. Dream big but start small.

The journey will not be without obstacles, but as long as you proactively manage your risks, opportunities will transform to gains. Confront your risks head on today and be an Entrepreneur!
Success Guaranteed!
This is where
comes in. Build your capacity to prepare for the opportunity and to cope with any future shocks.

Proactive, systematic & integrated measures should be engaged in planning your project. Don't just take the plunge, take time to prepare.
Get Tagged!
The key ideas shared in this presentation were culled from the World Development Report 2014;
Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development
published by the World Bank.

Learn more:
a presentation by
Taiwo Ametepee
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