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Steps Model for School Counseling

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Rachel Lampert

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Steps Model for School Counseling

Steps Model for School Counseling
Step 3: Consider the child’s developmental stage, beyond chronological age?
You should consider Piaget, Erikson, maturity, disability, autism, or intellectual delays in the student’s role in this dilemma?

Yes, developmentally it is appropriate for the student to be interested in sex. The student is diagnosed with Autism and may respond to sexual hormones differently. He may have seen ordering a prostitute as a solution to a problem without understanding the consequences.
Step 5: Apply Moral Principals.
Assess whether you are not upholding to beneficence (promoting good to others), nonmaleficence (avoiding harm), justice (providing equal treatment to all regardless of differences), and loyalty (staying connected to students)? Which moral principles can be compromised by this dilemma? Are any moral principles in conflict with the others?

After the legal part of this is over we might want to have a conversation with the student about dangerous situations, and positive relationships in his life where he can feel safe and accepted
We should keep an eye on this student in the future because he may have been traumatized by the experience and it may affect his behaviors in school and academic performance
This boy is on the Autism spectrum but that does not change the course of action.
I will want to check in with the student frequently and follow-up for his safety and well-being
Step 7: Evaluate the Selected Action.
 Apply whether the decision would be fair amongst many groups.
If any minor shared this information with us, we would have to react in the same way because of the illegal activity and sexual content.

 Apply publicity and determine if this decision could appear in the press and
you would be comfortable.
It would be unfortunate for the student if this appeared in the press as that may upset him and retraumatize him more. It would be very uncomfortable to see this going out to the public because it is a private matter.

 Apply universality and decide if you could apply this to another counselor in
the same situation?
Depending on the differences in school systems and who is supposed to call the police in situations like this, the steps might be moved around, but for legal and safety reasons this cannot be kept confidential
Step 9: Implement the course of action
Make certain that you are mindful of the law, ethics, and regulations of your school system? Try to minimize problem areas although you might not eliminate all.
Review regulations while consulting
Follow up-determine if plan is working
Safeguard all students-check-in
Report additional concerns to police, admin, supervisor, CPS, families
Step 1: Define the Problem Emotionally and Intellectually:
 What do your emotions or instinct tell you about the problem?
- Sad, surprised, scared, concerned
 What does your intellect tell you about the problem?
- Developmentally, it is normal for the student to be curious about sex. I would wonder if he understood the implications of hiring a prostitute.
 What are the facts? The student has Autism Spectrum Disorder and may deal with sexual development differently. The student hired a prostitute with his friend but did not engage in sexual activity. Prostitution is illegal.

Step 8: Consult
Did you consult with a colleague, lead counselor, school counselor supervisor, school site administrator, student services supervisor, superintendent office, school legal department, ASCA ethical representative, ACA ethical representative, Liability Insurance Consultant, union, officer, or attorney? Who would you consult with for this dilemma?

School Counselor Supervisor-Cannot take care of this on our own
Administration (principle/vice principle)-Must know whats going on
CPS-Parent's were not appropriately supervising their children
Police-Students are minors, prostitution is illegal
Parents-must be aware of and involved in current discussions and action plans
Health Teacher-better understand students sexual education
Step 2: Apply the ASCA and ACA Ethical Codes and the Law:

 Do the ASCA or ACA codes offer directives about how to respond to this
- ASCA codes: A.1.d, A.1.e, A.2.a, A.7.a, E.2.c
- Protect students and help them plan for success. What interventions might help this student?
- Explain why you must break confidentiality in order to protect the student. (inform parents, staff members, CPS, law enforcement)
- Advocate for the student.
 Do the Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ) Code of Ethics also give you
directives about additional directions to focus on in this case?
- A.2.b: Student self- empowerment and self-advocacy
 Do the laws direct you to proceed in a certain direction to mitigate this dilemma?
- Yes. Prostitution is illegal. It would be necessary to consult with administration and possibly notify CPS and/or police.
Step 6: Determine your potential courses of action and their consequences.
Have you created several scenarios? Exhaust several options and denote the pros and cons of each decision.
We don't have options, we are mandated to report instances of sexual activity and illegal activity.
Call the parent
Tell my supervisor/administration
Call CPS and see what they say
Call the police about the illegal activity
Get the school nurse involved
Step 4: Consider the Setting, Parental Rights, and Minors’ Rights.
Are you considering the rights of the student’s parents as the guardian? Is there a duty to breach confidentiality? Do you have limited confidential guidelines in the school setting?

Happened outside of school, parent needs to be notified immediately
Let child know breach of confidentiality is for his safety
This is both sexual activity and illegal activity so need to notify supervisor/administration and possibly CPS and the police
Although the child said no sexual activity occurred, suggest to parent to take child to a doctor for possible health concerns

Monday morning, a 10th grade boy who is highly functioning on the Autism spectrum comes in to say hello. We ask how his weekend was and he tells us he hired a prostitute. We ask for more information and he tells us that no girls at school are interested in himself and his friend, so they decided to go online and pay a woman to have sex with them. He says the woman came over to his parent's house when they weren't home, but the boys were too nervous so they paid her and she left.

He tells us we are the first to hear about this.
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