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How to make a sanwich and see the world

No description

Agassi Student

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of How to make a sanwich and see the world

Now that were starting our sandwich,first,we need the bread.We can get the finest wheat at in Missouri.Now we have to get our meat from Minnesota try to hurry and catch a plane there.
Now that you're in Minnesota try to find the nearest chicken farm{some that's already plucked and cooked}.Now hurry!We need to get a plane to North Dakota.

Now that you're in North Dakota try to catch a train to the nearest mustard farm{see if there's already some made mustard}.Now you have to catch a plane to Wisconsin.
Now,that you're in Wisconsin you should be able to get the finest cheese from there.Now go to California so we can get some really good apples there.
Now that you're in California try to catch a taxi to the nearest apple orchard and pick the freshest apples from the very tippy top of the trees.
Whoo!Now I'm tired from all that looking for those ingredients.Lets go to Oklahoma an get some fresh water.
Basically everyone in my class,including Dr,Gooden,My mom,and everyone I ever knew
This space is blank because I no longer had anything else to say about my project.So,therefore circle 10 will be blank since you are now aware.
How to make a sandwich and see the world
Core 2

The bread
The chicken
The mustard
The cheese
The apples
The water
Special thanks to...
Blank space
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