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Historical Facebook for Nicolaus Copernicus

Historical Facebook page for Project - Made by Joseph Wong, Anudeep Yakkala, and Jonathan Hui

Athens Athena

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Historical Facebook for Nicolaus Copernicus

For: Historical Facebook Presentation By: Joseph Wong
Jonathan Hui
Anudeep Yakkala Sources http://famousbelgians.net/picts/vesalius2.jpg University of Krakow Frauenburg, Poland Torun, Poland I have no time to do anything but prove that the world is heliocentric. I was inspired to challenge Ptolemy's theory of a geocentric universe when I met Domenico Maria Novara. We became roommates at the University of Krakow. When I became the cannon for the church, I dedicated my whole life to education, and I pursued my dream of studying the universe. I am now well-known for my theory of the heliocentric universe. 1473 - Born
1491 - Went to the University of Krakow
1494 - Graduated from the University of Krakow
1510 - Moved to Frombork Chapel
1514 - Book of heliocentric theory completed
1543 - Final book published and printed. Self Employed University of Bologna University of Krakow February 19, 1473 Male Neither Single "I am not accustomed to saying anything without certainty only after one or two observations" - Andreas Vesalius Pope Gregory IV - I disapprove of this theory... stop spreading your ridiculous blasphemy, or I will excommunicate you forever. Universal Discoveries www.universaldiscovery.com Scientists Nicolaus Copernicus - I will make more calculations and will be able to prove my theory. Andreas Vesalius - Mr. Copernicus, I am glad that you are proving your theory before publishing it. I would love to see your finalized version of your discovery of the heliocentric universe. Nicolaus Copernicus - I have made an exciting new discovery! Although this is not yet final, I have discovered that our universe is heliocentric, (the Earth revolves around the Sun), and not geocentric. It has taken a long time, and finally I have a theory! Nicolaus Copernicus Nicolaus Copernicus - Pope Gregory, why do you only believe in a geocentric universe? How do you know that you are right? If I proved it would you believe me? Pope Gregory IV - You evil sinner! How dare you challenge what the Bible clearly says? Andreas Vesalius, Domenico Maria Novara, Barbara Watzenrode, Lucas Watzenrode, Christina Watzenrode, Niklas Koppernigk, Andreas Copernicus, Katharina Copernicus Scientist Andreas Vesalius Nicolaus Copernicus, Domenica Maria Novara Frauenberg, Poland Torun, Poland I am in LOVE with my theory of the heliocentric universe!!! Domenica Maria Novara, Galileo Galilei Mother - Barbara Watzenrode Uncle - Lucas Watzenrode Father - Niklas Koppernigk Posted new thread - New Discovery About the Universe Liked - Domenico Maria Novara's post Pope Gregory IV Andreas Vesalius The Universe Barbara Watzenrode Lucas Watzenrode Niklas Koppernigk Domenico Maria Novara Andreas Vesalius Nicolaus Copernicus Domenico Maria Novara Nicolaus Copernicus Niklas Koppernigk Lucas Watzenrode Christina Watzenrode Christina Watzenrode Barbara Watzenrode Katherina Copernicus Andreas Copernicus Andreas Vesalius - Interesting theory. How did you prove this? Pope Gregory IV - This is blasphemy! Facebook needs to delete this page. Anyone who believes this will be excommunicated.
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