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Georgia O'Keeffe Abstract Flowers

No description

Melissa Vanderslice

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Georgia O'Keeffe Abstract Flowers

Georgia O'Keeffe
Georgia O'Keeffe
Georgia Okeeffe in Mexico
Art Style
Introduction to Okeeffe's Life and Art
Elements and Principles of Design
Georgia O'Keeffe usually used bright colors in her flower paintings and mostly used the original color of the object or shape she painted.
She used color
mixing and values to give a 3D look
to her paintings.
Elements and Principle of Design

Georgia O'Keeffe usually drew both straight and curvy lines depending on the object she drew and painted.

Georgia O'Keeffe's painted
organic shapes
because she painted things in nature. When looking at objects in nature you will observe
curves and free flowing
organic shapes rather than corners and harsh edges as seen in geometric shapes.
Elements and Principles of Design
Other Paintings
Blue and Green Music
1919 - 1921
Sky Above Clouds IV
Realistic Vs. Abstract
Do you see the
free form shapes?
Ram's Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills, 1935,
Out back of Mary's II

Radiator Building, Night, New York , 1927
Lived to be 98 Years old
Abstract= At first glance the subject is not always recognizable.
Abstract pictures do not have to focus on every detail on a subject
but rather a simplified and exaggerated version of the real thing.
Can you pick out both straight and curvy lines in this painting?
is used to make a
2D object look 3D

Choose a flower based on it's SHAPE!

Step 1. Draw one petal of your flower showing it's shape.

Step2. Draw your entire flower realistically.

Step 3 &4 . Draw 2+ ABSTRACT thumbnail sketches
of your flower.

Not Obvious
Life Like
Doesn't Focus on every detail
Brainstorming Steps
Choose one sketch/ or a combination of sketches to use for your final design. and lightly sketch your design onto your canvas.
Color and
+ White
+ Black
Inspired Abstract Flowers
Detail work inside flowers
Add fine detail work to make a center with emphasis.

Final Flower Objectives:
1. Finish blending flower to show no white spots.
2. Think about focal point inside flower. Different and/or show texture.
3. Background- Color choice is personal decision.
Opposite creates contrast and a POP
Similar creates a more calmness/likeness.
4. Name with darkest color you used. Bump it up from the bottom about an inch! Make sure it's neat and not an eye sore!
Wash hands, Open window frame, tape 2 corners, close frame, look to make sure name is showing, place it in the bag, put on the cart shelf.
Start a new copy!
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