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Merely Awesome PlanS Two

1st lesson on maps (30 min)

Alzbeta Springer

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Merely Awesome PlanS Two

Types of maps Thematic Preference Mental Decorative Map Tools Proportional Symbols Dotmap choropleth Cartogram M y
A wesome
P lan
S (2nd part) Last Time We Found Out... How are maps made. What happens in the process. And Today We Will Find Out... What kind of maps cartographers make
And What methods/tools they use to represent information Tools/Methods
Qualitative or Quantitative? Cartogram We use dots We use proportional symbols We use collors We change proportions Dot map Choropleth qualitative quantitative qualitative qualitative Preference Map We use words and numbers Decorative Map Mental map Thematic map The message of the Day
"Maps can distort and lie as readily as they can convey veritable spatial data or the results of scientificaly valid analyses. The more that map users are aware of those possibilities and the more understanding they possess of map projections, symbolization, and common forms of thematic and reference mapping standards, the more likely they are to reasonably question and clearly understand the messages map communicate." (Arthur Getis) General - purpose Topographic General-purpose map Topographic map Activity:
With a partner, draw a map using two characteristics you have chosen. Pay attention to the use of the cartographic tools.

Please include following information:
Name of the map
Purpose of the map
Key for every symbol you use
Whether the map is qualitative or quantitative
What catches your information when you look at the map
Flow-lines Flow-line Maps We use lines
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